Ads for TV and web is a type of video production unlike any other

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It almost seems that duration is inversely proportional to investment. The shorter you want it, the more the amount of work that goes into it seems absurd. That’s because something that compact needs to pack the perfect punch: every little detail counts.

Smart Cuts has produced ads and branded content video for leading brands like Nestlé, Nespresso and CNN Money. We know what it takes, and we have what it takes, to get it right.

It begins with understanding the core of your message and the marketing and communications strategy it supports. Your video ad grows out of this, with lots of attention to detail along the way, from concept development to the final color grade. The result is a cut above.

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We reached out to Smart Cuts Video & Animation back in 2016. Since then, they have been coming up with innovative audiovisual solutions year in and year out to keep the message fresh and engaging.

Liliana Rozo

Sensory Analyst, Nestlé Nespresso

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Liliana Rozo