We won’t bombard you with statistics to prove video is important on social media

It’s a given. We’ll get to the less obvious right away: social media video is not just video posted to social media. Or at least it better not be if you want views. Successful social media video must cut through the noise. This means a striking visual appeal that calls to viewers like a piña colada in an ocean of pop. The thumbnail must be slick and pro; the format must show you didn’t just post the 16:9 video you made for your website; the on-screen text must be original and deliver your message in a smart, succinct way: the call to action needs to be tailor-made for social media, and there’s more.

How do we know? Well, for one thing, Facebook told us. We helped their Geneva team adapt a series of Nestlé ads so they would have greater impact on a Timeline. This type of optimization applies to other social media platforms too, of course, and not only are you optimizing viewer experience this way, you're also getting more mileage out of your videos.

Whether we’re doing this or live streaming video (link to live video page) on social media for you, we guarantee professional results. We can help you produce powerful social media video, but also to post it, to promote it and to monitor performance so that you can hone your next social media video campaign for greater ROI. We do video production in Lausanne and Geneva mostly, but also routinely take on projects further afield in Switzerland and abroad.

Instagram video by Smart Cuts for WHO


Here is an example of the difference mobile optimization can make for your videos. We modified this Nestlé ad so it would have more impact on Facebook. Notice how we've added speech bubbles and subtitles so that, even without audio, the message still comes across. This type of mobile optimization applies to other Social Media too, and not only are you optimizing viewer experience, you're also getting more mileage out of your videos, because it really doesn't cost much to do this. 

video optimized for mobile devices

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