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Why You Need a Creative Agency for Your Congress Events

There are lots of moving parts in a congress event. Here’s how a creative communications agency can take work off of your plate.

A successful congress can bring hundreds or thousands of attendees together. Take the World Conservation Congress that takes place every four years. Thousands of environmental activists and world leaders travel from every corner of the world for a total of 10 days. Dozens of riveting and vital discussions take place each day, and, although the conference is private, the highlights of each conversation deserves to be shared with the world.

Here’s where visual and professional social media videos play a big role. The more high-quality and compelling highlights you as an organization can publish, the more credible you will look as the organizer of the event.

But, let’s face it, there are some big inconveniences for the event organizer (who generally doesn’t have much experience with video production): with such a large audience base, there are many logistical pieces to worry about. Sometimes, creative communications can fall by the wayside.

That said, the benefits of a well-planned communications strategy will create endless possibilities. Not only will the right plan increase overall excitement around your event, but having a creative communications team on standby means that you can document the event from start to finish. You can use this content for future promotion, to spread awareness about your conference, or to continue education with your attendees and others.

So, here’s why you should consider hiring a one-stop creative communications team ahead of your own congress events.

What does a full-service creative communications team do?

A full-service creative communications team can provide a wide range of communications services for your conference.

With video quickly becoming the most popular form of digital content today, an agency that can provide professional video content for your event can be invaluable. The right creative agency will develop a plan to deliver content before, during, and after your congress.

Finding the right, well-rounded creative communications team is key. Most agencies aren’t equipped to provide end-to-end communication service for large events. Without the ability to capture, store, and deliver quality content, the result won’t be what your event deserves.

It can be intimidating trying to find the right agency to fit your event. We will start by giving you our best advice:

Try to outsource the best of both worlds: a video production team that has experience in journalism and videography.

Advantages of video journalists:

➔ They are information filters. Journalists are trained to obtain the content that your digital audience will want to take in;

➔ They conduct powerful on and off-camera interviews with the attendees;

➔ Deadlines are their religion. And this is crucial for ongoing events where timely publications make all the difference.

Advantages of videographers:

➔ There is a difference between a video-journalist and a videographer. The latter will simply do what they are told, and sometimes can’t even handle post-production. Video-journalists not only have the know-how to shoot great video; they also know how to hone-in on the right content and, so, turn your videos around quickly and efficiently.

➔ They know exactly what techniques to use for each setting, and the lighting will be impeccable.

➔ They don’t settle. They won’t simply provide you with any old video footage. They will go the extra mile to make sure that the video looks and sounds perfect.

You may think finding the best of both worlds would be too much to ask. At SmartCuts Creative, however, we guarantee it, and in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, and German. We have video-journalists with documentary and on-camera experience, and we can provide crew specialized in sound, lighting, and video editing.

Here are some of the services most in demand from creative communication teams at a congress event:

● Video marketing before and during the event

● Corporate video production

● 2D and 3D animation

● Documentary-style production

● Social media video

● Video interview setup and hosting

● Live streaming solutions

● Drone filming

● Green screen studio

● Photography

● Video asset management

● Video strategy

The benefits of a creative communications team for your summit meeting

1) Develop a Communications Plan Before the Event

At the core of every successful communication effort is a great plan. Without schedules, deliverables, and goals, your communications strategy will end up falling flat.

Without a plan, you may not get the video or photo footage you want during your event. Even worse, you could fail to engage your speakers, attendees, and future supporters with a lack of communications material before and after your event.

2) Drive Awareness and Engagement for your Congress

Awareness of your congress event plays a big role in attracting the right speakers and attendees. With engaging communications video content, you’re much more likely to catch and hold your supporters’ attention.

Video content can also add value by gathering snippets that provide insight into the overall event. Highlights, playbacks, and exclusive “behind-the-scenes” footage can help to give your attendees a more comprehensive experience.

Don’t discount the power of social media content and video as well. By creating shareable content, your congress event is more likely to spread across platforms and get a lot more views. Your content should be valuable, engaging, insightful, and can provide a powerful window into the Congress event, both as it’s taking place and after it’s over.

3) Capture Pivotal Moments of your Congress

Your event is sure to have several pivotal and insightful moments throughout. Those in attendance (and those who aren’t) will be thrilled to see a highlight reel post-event.

Beyond video footage, capturing images and interviews will add to the overall impact of the event. With things happening each day, it’s hard to be sure that you’re capturing the best moments.

That’s where a well-planned, experienced, and talented communications team can make the most of your event. The Congress is already happening, so why not make sure that you’re getting it on tape for posterity?

4) Build Recognition and Credibility

Building recognition and credibility around your event is a key component to earning positive media and attendee coverage of the congress. By hiring an external creative agency, you can encourage an impartial and unbiased collection of footage for your event. Continuous updates also add to your congress event’s credibility by simply maintaining consistency throughout.

5) Save Valuable Time for other Operational Aspects

As mentioned earlier, live events take a massive amount of organization. Precise timing, incredible experience-building, and an overall excellent event is the ultimate end goal. Use your team’s strength in their organization of the event and outsource the creative communications. You can maximize time without sacrificing the quality of your communications materials before and after the congress event.

6) Use Content for Future Congress Events

Investing in your congress communications material today means that you can reuse it tomorrow! With hours of footage, interviews, and content – you’re all set to market any future Congress events to your audience.

The content may also come in handy if you’re seeking external media coverage. You can create a highlight reel to accompany press releases or direct media so that they can garner a quick understanding of your event.

So, what’s the end goal?

The end goal is a perfectly executed plan that provides countless hours of footage for your needs. Your congress will be promoted, documented, with the added benefit of material gathered for the future. The best part? Nobody on your congress team has to add work to their agenda if you’re hiring a comprehensive creative communications agency.

Looking to hire a comprehensive creative communications agency?

Do you still have questions about what agency would be best for your congress event needs? If you’re looking for the right fit, please put SmartCuts Creative on your short-list.

SmartCuts Creative provides a cutting-edge creative communication service: original concepts; clear, creative and concise content delivered competently. In other words, we help you get your message across through the following tools and services:

Video Production & Animation – corporate video, social media video, drone, interviews, interactive, video marketing, explainer videos, infographics, motion graphics and lots more.

Design & Branding – digital concept development & strategy, web & interactive design, visual identity, graphic design.

Digital & Social Media Marketing – campaign strategy, design & management, copy & content writing, blogs & SEO.

Virtual-hybrid Events & Tours / Video-conferencing – webinars, full event development & management, moderation & hosting, virtual visits.

Media Training - public speaking & coaching, look & sound great on camera.

Green-screen Production Studio – large video & photo production studio, 100% soundproof, professionally equipped 360o green-screen.

SmartCuts has 10+ years of experience, 100+ satisfied customers and 1,000+ successful productions.

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