• Aurélie

7 Reasons Why SmartCuts will Save you Time and Money in Video Production

How will choosing SmartCuts to produce your videos save you time and money ?

Businesses or individuals are looking for a fast and efficient way to get their video projects done in with professional video production companies. They want something that meets their needs and goals without breaking the bank. While getting top-notch video service at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time is tricky, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you have your cake and eat it too. We recently published an article on ways to reduce the costs of video production.

This article is all about doing it fast.

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With busy schedules, our customers are looking for fast, high-end service.

1. A successful workflow thanks to years of experience

The age of a company is not in itself a sign of efficiency and speed. But the evolution it has shown during over the years is a sure sign of performance and reliability. Since its creation in 2009, SmartCuts has more than tripled in size, produced videos for over 100 clients and has a portfolio of over 1000 productions. Expanding a team certainly allows us to respond to more requests, but also to better respond to all these requests. Everyone can concentrate on the tasks assigned to them and so work more efficiently and more professionally. The one-man-band freelancer may be cheaper, but you can bet s/he will have weaknesses, and certainly it will take more time to get the job done. Over the years, our workflow has been honed for top-of-the-line efficiency and quality video production.

2. Customers are our priority even before the quote is signed

From the moment you contact us to make a request, it becomes a priority to get back to you as soon as possible.

3. We focus on good production preparation in collaboration with the customer

The pre-production stage is very important. We encourage our clients to get involved in this step. To do this, we provide clients with a document so that they can give us a precise description of expectations and needs. It is from this description (the brief) that we are able to draft a quote, then write a scenario and a storyboard. The more precise the brief, the more quickly and efficiently we can move forward.

Of course, some clients need advice and perhaps a reality check on expectations given a certain timeframe and budget. That’s all part of good customer service and good advice. It helps clients achieve your goals. We're here to guide them through the pre-production work, which is done hand in hand with the customer, through discussion. We favor the phone and zoom calls rather than email exchanges, which are always longer.

4. We agree on a timeline aligned with the client's needs

Of course, it is essential to respect the schedule on which we have settled with the client.

When delays due to external factors are to be expected, we anticipate by immediately warning the customer. We try our best to find a work-around or we settle on a new timeline that works for everyone. Communication is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

5. Efficient and fast filming

After extensive preparation in preproduction, the shoot can be short, because we know exactly which shots we need and how to film them. Also, speakers or actors should by now know their scripts by heart, ready to go directly on camera.

6. A minimum of back and forth in postproduction

When we know exactly what the customer needs, we move forward in a straight line in post-production. As a creative agency, we make artistic choices that match the image of the brand or business. We only come back to the client when we have a finished version of the video, which we present as a first draft.

7. An effective tool for returns

To send our "drafts" we create what we call VRPs, Video Review Pages that allow commenting directly on the video. Timecode is generated automatically, and comments turn into a check-list for our editors to follow, to make sure nothing is missed.

Working with the SmartCuts team will save you time in creating your videos because we have developed a very efficient workflow. However, you have noticed by reading the 7 points above that efficiency of a production also depends on solid preparation upstream. It is therefore beneficial to devote enough time to it and to provide us, your creative video agency, with as much detail as possible on your needs and your project in order to streamline the work that will follow.