• Pablo Peña

What our film crews and video editors do in the day-to-day

SmartCuts' cameramen work for our clients everyday

At SmartCuts, our film and video editors and camera operators create and capture images to serve the needs of our clients and their audiences. Our camera operators shoot a wide range of material for different kinds of media on behalf of our corporate and institutional customers. Our editors arrange the footage shot by our camera operators and collaborate with the client to create the final content.

On a typical week, our film and video editors and camera operators do the following:

Shoot and record corporate films, live and virtual events, documentaries, interviews, cultural programs and many more types of films and videos. You can view the full list of our services here :

Organize digital footage with video-editing software.

Collaborate with the project manager to determine the overall vision of the production.

Discuss filming and editing techniques with the project manager to improve a scene.

Select the appropriate equipment, such as types of lens or lighting.

Shoot or edit a scene based on the client’s vision.

All editing work is done on our fast and powerful computers, our editors are trained in the most recent versions of professional editing software.

We have camera operators in our studio. They record our clients in our soundproof room. There we use one or more cameras at a time. We plan our camera movements before shooting begins. When we shoot a live event, we can adjust at a moment’s notice and follow the instructions of the client. Our camera operators are skillful in the use of automated cameras. Our operators can control several cameras at once.

SmartCuts has its own 360° greenscreen studio in Lausanne. Many of our clients have used the studio to record a live virtual event, or presentations for use in company communications.

With the greenscreen studio you can insert any kind of background image or video according to the speaker’s topic. For example, a PowerPoint slide show can be shown alongside the speaker.

But we produce video recordings not only in our studio. Depending on the client’s needs we can send a crew to record at their company location.

In fact, we can film on location anywhere in Switzerland and in any neighboring countries.

Our crews have years of experience filming important ceremonies and many other kinds of special events for corporate clients and international sporting organizations.

SmartCuts has skillful operators with experience in the production of beautiful, breathtaking aerial drone footage. If you need aerial footage of your company’s location or views of the Swiss Alps or of Lake Geneva, we can help you. We only use professional drone video equipment to capture scenes of the highest quality.

Once we have finished the final production, we deliver it to the client through our cloud storage service. There, in our secured and password protected server, our clients can find and download the complete files to their own computers storage system.

You can reach us Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 18:00. Most of the recording projects take place during the week but we are also available for shooting on Saturday and Sunday if requested.