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Take advantage of the educational possibilities offered by video

Medical doctor teaching students via video
Professionals in the health field take advantage of video to teach medical students

What are the different means available to produce a quality and effective educational video?

The benefits of video for learning

Several scientific studies attest that video is an effective medium for learning. By combining images and sounds, information is more likely to be recorded by our long-term memory. People who have a more visual memory will be able to retain information, just like people with a more auditory memory. The playfulness that a video can have will increase the attention span of its audience. Varying the type of images will also increase their motivation. Educational videos also have the advantages that they can reach a very large and geographically disparate audience for an unlimited or fixed period of time. The possible integration of subtitles also makes it possible to address people of different languages while using the same medium.

The different types of instructional videos and their usefulness

A popular type of instructional video these days is tutorial video. They are found in droves on YouTube and other distribution platforms. It allows everyone to learn or improve in a wide variety of fields. Many autodidacts use these videos to educate themselves on technical topics. These videos are often made directly by the teacher, by filming themselves or making a screen recording, for example. There are also the demonstration videos. For example, a company that wants to demonstrate a product for its customers or demonstrate a new tool for their employee. Or a company may want to educate its customers on a topic related to its services. This type of video can be made very simply, by a company employee or by an amateur. However, in order for the video to have a greater impact and desired effect, it can sometimes be beneficial to hire professionals to make your video. First, because the company will help you develop an effective script. Second, because the company will have the technical knowledge and equipment to produce a quality video. It is extremely important not to neglect the good quality of an instructional video, because the attention of the viewers will be very different depending on the quality. A viewer's attention can be quickly disturbed by certain sounds or images interfering with the teaching. In addition, video professionals know how to give relevant advice to add elements that can nourish the didactic subject, such as image inserts, ideas for developing the scenario, etc.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course)

A MOOC is an online training open to all. These courses are free to access and can bring together between 1,000 and 100,000 people, or even more. Some issue certificates, others have open learning goals defined with students. The word "massive" refers to a very large and diverse audience. Most of the time, forums are offered to make the students interact. The courses are often combined with online content. To validate their learning, students answer online questionnaires. There are several distribution platforms for MOOCs: Universities will use for example Coursera, Udacity, edX or FutureLearn. Companies can use Canvas Network for example. There is other free software for individuals. Sites like https://www.my-mooc.com/fr/ or https://www.mooc.org/ host and offer several online courses and some schools like epfl or hes-so offer MOOCs on their own website.

At Smartcuts, we produce MOOCs. Thanks to our 360 ° green screen studio, you can record your MOOCs directly in our premises, surrounded by a team of experts. Thanks to our experience in this type of production, we can guarantee you a quality service essential to the smooth running of your online course. Because just like instructional videos, if your online course is poorly delivered, you will lose a lot of listeners and the learning will not be able to be completed properly by those left behind. Our studio is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the production of a MOOC: cameras, teleprompter, display screens, as well as the necessary equipment for uploading, live or pre-recorded. The personalized green background allows you to insert the teacher(s) into the setting of your choice.

Our team ensures the production of your MOOC from start to finish, also adding in postproduction animated typographies, images or texts in a professional way, this will make your course exceptional.

The educational possibilities of a video are therefore diverse and varied. Whether it is for a tutorial or demonstration video or a large-scale video such as a MOOC, SmartCuts will meet your demand in terms of educational video and will ensure that your words are transmitted to your audience. Visit our website for more information or contact us directly by phone or email.