• Pablo Peña

How to give a new life to your old TV set

A simple, inexpensive way to play videos, music, and any content from your phone, tablet or PC on your home or office large TV screen.

A widescreen TV with HDMI connection
A simple TV set with HDMI connection can display videos from your mobile phone

You may have heard that you can play content from the Internet directly on those modern smart TV sets. Maybe that sounds like a cool idea to you. But what if you do not wish to spend several hundred or thousands of Swiss francs to get a Smart TV so that you can do just that?

In this post I will show you an amazingly simple and inexpensive way to watch content from the Internet or your phone, tablet or computer on an old TV set that is not even connected to the Internet.

The only requirement is that your TV set has an available HDMI connection. If your TV has one, then you can use the information in this post to start enjoying your favorite online, or offline, content like videos on that old but still useful TV.

One thing you need to buy is a tiny device that fits into the palm of your hand. It is a Chromecast. It costs only CHF 39.00 from the official Google Store website. That is a lot better that spending close to a thousand francs for a new TV set.

What will you gain if you get this Chromecast and plug it into your TV?

Here is a short list:

  • You can watch the videos and photos that are on your smartphone phone directly on your larger TV screen.

  • You can play music or any audio file that is in your phone on the much better quality of your TV sound system.

  • If you subscribe to and install a movie streaming app like Disney Plus in your phone you can then watch any movie from their film catalog on your TV. Once the movie starts to play on the TV you can continue to use your phone normally.

  • You can show a slideshow presentation from your laptop or desktop computer on your TV. This can be useful at the office. It is much better to give a presentation using a large TV screen than from your laptop computer. Especially useful if you have many people in the audience.

  • When you have a video teleconference on Zoom or another similar service you can watch it on the TV screen more comfortably.

  • You can play content not only from your mobile phone but also from a laptop and desktop computer, a tablet or any other device that allows to “cast” or direct its contents to another device.

  • Smart TVs have some serious network security problems that you may not have the time money or energy to deal with.

One situation where this casting technology could be interesting is when you need to have multiple displays at your home or office. For example, when your wife wants to watch her favorite soap opera at the same time you want the large screen for the football match of the year. Buying a smart TV for everyone in the household or for the office would cost too much. You would only have to make a much smaller investment in a simple TV with and HDMI connection and the Chromecast device.

Putting this Chromecast in place can help you save a large sum of money on smart TV sets.

If you use the Chromecast and you would like to share your experience you may let me know.

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