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Raise funds for your organization with live video streaming

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Stream live video business presentation in Switzerland

How long is this pandemic lock-down and its restrictions going to last?When can we go back to meet our friends and go together to enjoy a concert, a sports match, or Sunday service at the church? Who knows?

What we do know is that we can’t let this situation stop us from doing business and earning an income.

If you are the minister of a church you know governments have imposed a very tiny number for people that can attend a service. That is if they even allow it at all. The restrictions have forced some churches and others that had not done so before to make the move towards an online video service.

But churches are not the only ones looking for ways to remain active and productive.

a work team attending a video conference
online video conference

So are business people who run their companies, musicians who need an audience to perform a concert, schools and teachers who need to give their courses to many students, and sport event's organizers who want to show their matches to avid fans on the Internet.

Football clubs are now playing in empty stadiums, but at least you can watch the match on TV or on the web.

Are you in one of those groups?

If you are, you may want to know how can you video stream your event without breaking your budget?

In this brief and non-technical article, I will try to give you an explanation of how you might be able to do this.

You can get it done even if you are a small organization with a limited budget.

The first thing you need, of course, is a fast speed internet connection. The faster the better. You will also need one computer, preferably a PC. Get one with a fast processor and 8 GB of RAM or more. Don’t waste your time with an old computer with hardly any free hard disk space and less than 4 GB of RAM. It won’t be able to handle all the work and be fast enough.

Next are the video cameras. You can find a lot of good quality video cameras. Maybe you already have one or more.The important thing to look for here is to see if your camera has an output to connect a cable from the camera to another piece of equipment called a video switch.

The video switch is the main piece of equipment. It will receive all of the video and audio signals from the different sources and mix them and get them all ready to send to the Internet.The switch has HDMI inputs to plug in the cables from the cameras.

In some cases you control the video switch from your PC. In others it can be controlled on its own. The manufacturer of the switch provides this control software. Some switches have an Ethernet port to connect to a router.

From the PC you connect to the switch by entering its IP address in the control software.

When you have multiple cameras connected to the video switch, the control software will allow to choose which camera signal to show on air.

You can also control which audio source to use and its volume.

For example, you can change from one camera aimed at the speaker of your presentation, your sports match, music players, etc. to another showing the audience.

You can also insert any image from your computer such as a slide show.

Your video broadcast can achieve a very professional look. You can add your own logo in any of the corners of the screen.

If you have to interview someone you can display his or her name on the screen.

Another possibility you have is to show a picture in picture. If the person you are interviewing is in a remote location you can insert a small screen with a view of this person within the main larger screen.

If you want to broadcast your event live as it takes place you will need to find a streaming service on the Internet.There are many available. It is up to you to choose one that your audience will use to watch your live video.

With the system I described above, you can use the well-known services like Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Skype, etc. But you are not limited to these. You can even use your own streaming server, which, admittedly, does require more technical know-how, though.

There are even ways to stream to multiple platforms at the same time.

You are also not limited to streaming live events. You can prerecord videos and make them available for viewing on demand or insert them into a live event at various intervals thanks to your video switch. If you are planning to charge a fee to access your videos, you can put your videos behind a pay wall.

I hope this article helps you get a better idea of some of the things you can achieve with your own video equipment. This video streaming solution is something you would probably try to do when you have an event that occurs frequently.

If launching into something like this seems too daunting, if you simply don’t have time or are worried about failing to obtain professional results, getting some outside help would, no doubt, be a good idea.

By all means, reach out to SmartCuts for consultation.

We are in the Lausanne area, but are available to work anywhere in Switzerland.

We will gladly help you choose the most appropriate video equipment for your needs. Just call us for consultation. The initial discussion and the quote is free.

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We can set everything up for you in the most optimal way so that no cables or any other piece of video equipment obstructs your normal activities.

Guaranteed excellent professional service.

Here’s a list of the things you could do using equipment from one of the best manufacturers of creative video technology: Blackmagic Design.

  • Produce and stream your own interviews

Use multiple cameras to show different angles. You can playback prerecorded clips. You can have a picture in picture effect to show your guest. You can add graphics and logo.

woman interviewing businessman on video
Streaming live video of a business interview

  • Give online business presentations via Skype, Microsoft Teams or any other online streaming service

You can stream television broadcast quality presentations from the office to employees and investors all over the world via your favorite online meeting platform. Switch between different camera views and a computer running a slide show. You don’t have to be a video expert or have a specialized crew to stream a riveting presentation.

  • Stream your video games and competitions live

Gamers can stream gaming competitions to other gamers via YouTube Live and Twitch. You can add player dialog or commentators through mic inputs. There’s a zero-latency direct input connection for game consoles.

  • Raise funds for your project with crowdfunding video presentations

Get funds using a professional video presentation to show your project. Use a camera for you to give your pitch. You can stream your presentation live to investors via Skype or Zoom or share it on your favorite crowdfunding platform.

  • Create online courses

Using multiple cameras and a computer to create educational and training content. This is great for schools, Universities and anyone selling training courses online.

Student attending an online lecture by her teacher
an online course

  • Broadcast your church worship services on the Internet!

Churches can record their religious services and broadcast them in high quality. They can also broadcast a service live. It will help you stay connected with your community. You can use images from different cameras that show the minister and the congregation and get audio from the minister's microphone.

A huge budget or staff is not necessary. Your service can be viewed by anyone. You can reach a global audience by streaming and uploading the video. You can also set up previous sermons for playback on a projector at other times.

You can have picture in picture effects to show the minister and another view.

  • Stream lectures and seminars

You can stream lectures from schools and universities to students around the world. You can switch between a camera and a slide show computer. Then you can show a slide or a website. You can insert graphics on top of the image.

  • Live Sporting Events

table tennis, bowling, baseball. Connect multiple cameras to capture the game from multiple angles and get all the action. You can even add professional looking text on the screen showing player names and scores during the game

  • Create Music Videos Live!

Make a music video of you and your band. Stream live or prerecorded video on YouTube, Facebook or any other platform.

camera recording woman singing for video streaming
live video streaming of music perfomance