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Understand Brand Video Storytelling

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

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Brand video storytelling can help you connect with your audience

Brand video storytelling is a marketing approach wherein a company uses narrative to connect their brand to their customers. It’s often used by businesses that want to communicate their values as a company to their target audience so the latter can sympathize with them as more than a business.

It’s a very effective strategy because if done well it can establish an emotional connection with an audience, which will be difficult for competitors to break. The problem here is that many companies don’t do very well with it and they come off disingenuous or fraudulent – the exact opposite of the desired effect.

In this blog we’ll be talking about a project we worked on with a client wherein we used brand video storytelling to engage both their clients and employees. The goal was to make them both more invested in the business, showing the many different ways the strategy can be applied.

Why It Doesn’t Work

Brand video storytelling is a fickle tool that only the most experienced video production companies can pull off consistently. The reason is because most clients get too focused on the brand aspect of the process or create content just to create content.

Video production teams should make it clear that while the project is about them, the story isn’t necessarily about them. The narrative always comes first, therefore logos, colors, mottos, and all the usual marketing staples need to be set aside. This will go against all of their instincts as marketers but it’s a necessary evil to ensure that the intended audience stays on point.

What Are The Essential Parts of Brand Video Storytelling?

The first part is the narrative. These are the tangible elements of the story itself i.e. characters, setting, the conflict, etc. Things that can be quickly answered by who, what, where, and when. It’s the cup that you need to fill to tie everything together logically.

The second part is the mission. This is where the client can chime in and fill for themselves, as it deals with the essence of the brand. Why does the company do what it does, why did it start in the first place, what need were they trying to address. This part depends entirely on how critically the company sees itself and how honest they want to be with their audience.

The final part is values. Given any scenario, what does the company ideally want their employees or the business itself to do. Transparency with all transactions? Honesty even with poor results? Taking an unpopular stand? This part is the gut punch you want the video to deliver to the audience and make them see the business in an entirely new light.

Why It Works

Brand video storytelling is an effective tool because it takes the audience beyond products and services. Goodness knows that people have more than enough of those to fill several lifetimes. They need something that at least feels more like an honest attempt at communication, that you want their attention rather than their money.

It’s this power that allowed our project in particular to net us a five star rating on Clutch:

Our partner felt that our work helped them make a real connection with their customers and employees, which is priceless in itself. So many businesses try and fail to really talk to their audience and see them as more than a faceless logo that wants their money.

Let us help you find the voice that will help people understand you. Contact us today and we’ll begin your storytelling journey together.