• Pablo Peña

The Year 2020 in review

2020 at SmartCuts – The Year When it All Doubled

This past year has certainly been a memorable one for most. For most, however, the memories aren’t pleasant: a year best forgotten. Though we can relate when it comes to the impact on our social lives, the frustrations of not being able to get together with family and friends as we are accustomed to, we can’t complain when it comes to the business side of things.

SmartCuts Growth

2020 has been a bumper year for SmartCuts.

Not only did turnover double, but to keep up with demand, so did the team. We are now eight, and no doubt soon to be more. This intense growth has come with its lot of elation and challenges. It’s been very stimulating to incorporate new personalities, new ideas, new enthusiasm, but it’s also been a strain totally restructuring the company to take in and optimally use of this new talent.

Suddenly, we need meetings, whereas before we could just quickly catch up as we strolled by one another’s desks. We need cleaning staff, because the DIY approach has become impossible with the workload and the pace at which the floor gathers dirt and crumbs from twice as many shoes and lunches. And of course, double the staff has meant double the need in workstations, mice, keyboard, cables, desks, chairs and the list goes on. We even had to buy a bigger fridge. We also had to buy more cameras, naturally, as well as lights, mics and other audiovisual accessories. But the biggest investment this year was, undoubtedly, our new video production studio.

Spring pause Without the slow-down of the lock-down in spring, we would never have had the time. With that slow-down also came doubts about the money, though: would business pick up again to ensure we’d have enough to pay for this very expensive folly? Would it have its place in the new world of work shaped by a rampaging virus? The answer wasn’t long in coming. Within a few months after completion end of summer, it was booked day in and day out and we have already amortized it.

Changes in Corporate Demand The shift of corporate events from in-person to in-video has made all the difference, you see. We are now getting constant requests for webinars, streaming to the US or UK for other production studios that can’t send crew over and for companies that can’t fly staff over either. Combine this with an awakening to the virtues of the virtual (reduced carbon footprint, massive savings) and you have the secret to our success.

How we respond to change To secure it, we’ve invested lots, but not just in crew and kit, but also in training and research to anticipate the evolution of the solutions required and meet it with innovative techniques and technology. This, for example, has led to our acquisition of VMix, a smart, robust and comprehensive piece of software that, in the right hands, allows for tremendous flexibility and creativity in the video streaming service we can offer. Live insertion of virtual sets on our keyed out green-screen 360o studio is among the cutting edge innovations we now master.

New Skills at your service We have also developed skills in all the annex services of virtual events, such as content creation, logistics and competence in such features as Q&A platforms. We can now confidently counsel clients looking to speak to their customers or personnel via streaming video.

Along with these innovations, we have continued to hone our skills in both video production and animation. Although demand for these services definitely dipped in spring, it picked up again in summer and has been ramping up non-stop since then. SmartCuts is becoming better and better known and trusted in Switzerland and beyond. 2021 will no doubt see the company continue to grow apace. To prepare for this, we have been head-hunting to find the right people and investing to gather the right kit. We’re ready; we’re keen and we hope you will be part of the expanding community that counts on us for great ideas, great service and great results.

See you in 2021!