• Pablo Peña

The Making of the Video Production Studio

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

green screen video studio construction  Smart Cuts Ltd, Lausanne, Switzerland
Smart Cuts, video production studio Lausanne, Switzerland

It was last summer. We had just come out of the lock-down: the first wave. For us, this brought good luck, because it did not just offer the time to finish building the 360° green screen video production studio we had been dreaming of, but also, thanks to this bold investment that consumed a large chunk of our savings, we are now surfing on a wave of success.

The video production studio is working full steam. Every week we get new bookings. Streaming sessions are taking place, one after the other, to Zurich, Germany, England, the United States, on Facebook, YouTube, Skype, etc. We never imagined that the Lausanne region had such a need for this kind of service. Have a look at how it all came together. Here is the “making of the Smart Cuts green screen video studio”.

We would like to express our gratitude to all who took part in building of this beautiful video production studio, that now allows us to do pretty much anything we want in audiovisual production thanks to virtual technology. We have already hosted people from TEDx, Bulgari, Medtronic, Galderma and many others. This studio is equipped with cranes suspended from the ceiling to supply professional lightning without cluttering. We hang everything from the ceiling: microphones, electric wires, video cables and even recalcitrant employees…let’s not get carried away 😉.

There’s no need to exaggerate, though, when you have a video production studio like this.

For a long time, noise caused us many problems. Now, we can have fun while screaming from behind the door to see if the person inside can hear anything. With walls that reduce noise by -70 dB, you would have to throw a grenade to hear a tiny gentle sound. This is great and it’s thanks to the Knauf company and their cocoon system. We strongly recommend them if you have noisy neighbors. A big thanks also goes out to the construction company Rudi SA that built this cocoon in record time and in a very professional way. For the interior, on the other hand, the work was up to us. And we had to be creative for the rounded edges on the ground and in the corners of the walls. We had to avoid all angles so that the green screen would be uniform and disappear easily in video post-production.

The 360° green screen video feature allows us to capture scenes with a Steadicam turning around the subject to then insert a whole background in video post-production. It is as if filming on location in a forest, a remote city, or on top of a mountain without all the transport and hassle. We just need to have footage of the place in video and we can put anyone or anything into it in post-production.

Virtual video sets are becoming very popular. They allow clients to make savings on renting and the decoration venues, and they permit customization, so that everything can be as we imagine it, without compromises. Hurray! virtual video technology.

The people who come here are quite real, though. Before and after their appearance on camera, they appreciate better decoration than green walls. This is why, at the same time that we invested in our video production studio, we revamped our studio building and offices. We now boast lightning worthy of a palace, a lounge suspended above the studio where clients can watch what’s happening inside, and where they can rest, talk, and work in all privacy.

If all of this tickles your fancy, drop by for a visit at Chemin du Bosquet 38, Bussigny. We are very close to the Conforama Store: very practical to find furniture for the sets. It will be a pleasure to show you around our brand new video production studio.

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