• Lucas Chambers - Director

TEDx with Alexander Osterwalder from the SmartCuts Studio

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We had fun the other day in the studio with Alex Osterwalder, dressed proudly in his wife's first men's collection. Alex is becoming a regular, and this time it was a shoot for TEDx and a live stream for the Nordic Business Forum.

SmartCuts runs a large greenscreen video studio near Lausanne, which is fully booked these days with Covid making events in person problematic. It was interesting to exchange views with Alex about the pros and cons of this move to virtual events. We certainly agreed the planet was better off, but nothing replaces face-to-face networking and exchange.

That said, for the near future, virtual events, webcasts, webinars and congresses from the confines of our own homes will undoubtedly be our lot. If you need a hand in video production and audiovisual, to make your virtual event look professional, we'd be glad to find solutions for you: www.smartcuts.ch

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