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How to reduce the budget for your video

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This article explains how to get the best quality for your video without exceeding your fixed budget

Here are some important things that will help you lower the price of your video

Nowadays, making a video can be relatively, especially on a smartphone: all done with a simple flick of your thumb in seconds. But the results are not always up to snuff, and having a professional video made can be a significant investment of time and money. When the idea of producing a video comes to your mind, you will quickly decide which of these two options you will prefer. And this because these two options have nothing to do with one another.

The first option is great for posting on social networks, on Youtube or even on your website. Many people, whether in businesses, organizations or otherwise, use smartphone video to communicate. Indeed, filming with your smartphone can be part of an excellent means of communication. But the day may come when you’ll need to make a higher-end video. You may have someone on your team who is qualified and equipped to carry out your video projects. But if you don’t, or if your project requires more resources, you're going to need professionals in the field.

The goals, concept and budget of your video are linked

Whether as a communication tool or to transcribe an event, for example when you plan to make a video, you will first define what you are doing it for. You will define what you want this video to bring to you - new customers, more registrations, increasing sales, educating your people about how your business works, and more. Based on these goals, you will develop the concept for this video. Perhaps you will already be writing a script, or a draft. Or maybe the concept will be vague for a while. In both cases, the concept will be your guideline, it will guide you in your choices. The concept is directly linked to the question of the budget. Whether you decide on one or the other first, it is bound to influence the second. If you are on a very tight budget, you are not going to throw yourself into a very complex, very long video that requires a lot of money. Conversely, if you develop an idea for a video of this magniture, you can't expect a low budget.

These steps are very important, and it is necessary to spend some time on them, so that you can subsequently respect the budget that you have set for yourself or that has been imposed on you, and so that you can also respect your scenario, without having to make compromises that were not planned afterwards. The budget will probably be the most decisive thing and the one on which you will have the hardest time making concessions. So it is most of the time from the budget up that we develop a video.

Since these three elements (desired outcome, concept and budget) are linked, it can be difficult to define one without having good knowledge of the others. If you start producing a video without knowing what to do with it, it is going to be very difficult to write a script and set a budget. If you have no idea how much video production can cost, it will be difficult for you to come up with the concept. Contacting a professional video production company can be a way to get a solid. Just ask yourself what is most important to you, what you want and what you absolutely don't want.

As professionals, the SmartCuts team has the experience to guide you, on both concept and budget. Of course, this service comes at a cost as well, and that might put you off at first. But having a project built on the right foundation from the start can prevent it from collapsing later. If you go for a professional video production service like SmartCuts, you might want to get an idea of what services are available and how much they cost. However, when you visit the websites of many video production companies, including ours, you will notice that prices are rarely displayed. Why ?

The reason for this is that we offer fully customizable services. We cannot offer fixed formulas, because everything will depend on your project, your needs and your requirements. It is therefore through a discussion with you that we will be able to establish a quote. This is why at SmartCuts, we offer our quotes free of charge to potential customers who contact us. Do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can respond directly to your requests. This will save you precious time.

As I said before, it is often first from the available budget that we will plan a video. One of the first questions we are going to ask you is: what is your budget?

The elements that will influence the cost of your video:

The desired quality

We will then ask you about the final quality you want to have for your video. Some customers decide that the best quality is not necessary for how they are going to use their video, which is why they prefer to cut costs by reducing quality. We can discuss your needs together to determine if there is a need to invest in higher quality.

The number of employees engaged on the project

One of the factors that will greatly influence the price of your video is the number of people who will work on it. Indeed, if you need a simple interview, a videographer can take care of this alone. If two or more videographers are needed on the set, it will increase the cost of the video production.

The material needed for filming

As for the staff, the material needed for filming your video will increase or decrease the price of video production. Also, if you need a lot of equipment, such as multiple cameras, complex lighting, or the use of a stabilizer to capture a moving subject, for example, that will mean the shoot will have to involve several technicians.

The elements provided in pre-production

The more details we will have on the client's needs, such as a detailed script, information on the desired graphical charter, the desired duration of the video, the potential media required provided in advance etc. , the more we can reduce costs.

Indeed, all these elements will allow us to get to work faster, avoid hours of unnecessary rushes and reduce corrections and rework which take time and will increase the final bill. This is why we insist on the pre-production stage. If this step is done well, we will be able to respond quickly and accurately to the customer's request, which will then save money.

Animation and motions-graphics

Obviously, if you want to insert animation into your video, or if you need a video made entirely in animation, this will increase the price. But sometimes it's a wise choice, because an animated film has a big impact on viewers and your investment will pay off. The insertion of motion graphics on the video, such as animated inscriptions on the image, for example, will of course also come at a cost. You will be able to reduce this cost by giving us as much detail as possible on the graphics of these elements.

The service category

As you will have understood, the price of a video will not be the same if you want an interview, an animation, a webinar, an advertisement or the recording of a live event. It is however not only your budget which will make you choose such or such a service, but more the goal of the video, the desired impact. Considering the above elements will, therefore, be important in reducing the budget.

At Smartcuts, we support you in this step, taking the time to discuss your needs with you. We do everything we can, together with customers, to ensure that all stages of video production run as smoothly as possible. So you save time and money.

Call us now at 022 555 3495 or 021 211 7071 for a free quote, or visit www.smartcuts.ch. Thank you!