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Overview of the different video professions and those that make up our team at SmartCuts

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

How is our team configured at SmartCuts?

In the field of video production, there are many professions and many ways of working. Some take on multiple functions, or even take care of all stages of their production on their own. The more a business grows, the more judicious and essential it is to divide up tasks and, if necessary, to expand a team, even if video professionals tend to handle everything. At SmartCuts for example, many of our employees are multitasking, which allows more flexibility. In addition, technical and technological advances require us to be in continuous training.

Some video training courses allow you to take charge of several aspects of video and you can then specializes as you want. But there are also very specific training courses, such as editor or cameraman, for example. Our team at SmartCuts is made up of professionals from different backgrounds.

It is possible that, as a customer, you will at one point come into contact with several different people within our team. Indeed, for very specific questions on the editing of your video, for example, it will be more practical for you to contact the editor directly, even if the producer is the main person with whom you are communicating.

film crew during a video production in a 360 ° green screen studio
During a video production, each employee has a specific role

In order to better understand the behind the scenes at SmartCuts, here is a description of the different roles in our team:

Production Director

This is the person you’ll probably have contact with when you initially come to SmartCuts for a quote. Currently held by Lucas Chambers, this post entails analyzing client requests, driving conceptual and artistic development, as well as supervising all projects and invoicing them at the end.

Project Manager / Producer

As a client, it is with this person that you will have the most contact throughout your video project. This is the person assigned by the Production Director to handle the project in the details from start to finish. The Producer may also be part of the concept development for your project, but in any case s/he will clearly be managing the execution once the project is launched. S/he will typically take care of the script and the storyboard. Together, you will plan your video production and set the deadlines for each milestone. The Producer is the link between the client and his team, s/he assigns the various tasks and transmits the documents and files necessary for production. This person is also responsible for supervising production by checking, for example, that each step is carried out on time.

Artistic Director

As the name suggests, this person heads up the creative team and makes sure each project is based on a great concept, great content and great visuals. This includes moodboarding, supervision and/or writing of scripts, storyboards, as well as making various conceptual and / or artistic choices.

Technical Director

He takes care of the management, maintenance, ordering of all equipment and deals with all technical matters, including IT. He is also present on some shoots, especially during live or complex studio shoots. A reference in terms of technical equipment, he checks that everything is present and in good condition and orders new equipment if necessary.

Director of Photography

On the set, s/he takes care of the lighting and camera settings so that the rendering of the image is faithful to the client's expectations and to the artistic line of the project. S/he directs the speakers / actors if necessary, as well as the other camera operators. So the DP is in charge of the shoot. You will hear him-her say, "Ready? ", "Rolling" “Action” and “Cut!" It is also often the Director of Photography who will save the rushes when teams return from a shoot.

Camera Operator

This person deals with all camera-related settings and techniques during a shoot, including white balance, focus, framing, movements, proper record settings etc. In terms of flow and technique and content, the Camera Operators refer to the Director of Photography.

Video Editor

The Editor is the person in charge of video editing in post-production. Sometimes s/he also empties the rushes when teams return from a shoot. S/he is responsible for making copies and backups of files to prevent loss. The Editor also takes care of the choice of music and of downloading any images to be inserted in the video. As directed by the Producer, the Editor will make artistic decisions so that the video meets the client's expectations. S/he will also do the color grading and may do sound design in some cases.

Motion Designer / Animator

S/he creates animations and animated elements during video production. At times the motion designer is also the editor.

Sound Engineer / Audio Technician

This person will capture sound on a shoot, using a boom mic and external recorder and/or lavalier microphones. Back at the studio, this person also deals with sound design during post-production and generally makes sure sound is consistently top quality in all videos produced. During live events, this person sets up the audio system and runs it, including In-Ear Monitoring systems, mics, sound decks etc.

Lighting Technician

This person makes sure the lighting is right in the studio of during an external shoot. Often seen only on high-end shoots, this person joins crews typically when large scene lighting will be needed for special moods and effects.

Production Assistant

This person plays a key supporting role in crews, helping carry gear, set up, fix, tear down and run errands. The PA is typically a videographer in training and will learn a lot while helping experienced teams at work.

On high-end shoots, you typically want one person per job. This ensures quality service. It also provides a smoother, stress-free experience because everyone can focus on what they’re doing and not have to run around trying to get more than one job done at once. Naturally, when you have a person for every job, each job is also particularly well done, as each one is a connoisseur of his or her role. But clearly not all shoots require that level of production, and videographers are trained to handle most of these roles, so as to be able to wear multiple hats if need be to keep within the budget.

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