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Video websites and services for children

A handy list of online video services with content for children

Here are some websites that children can use
The websites below have safe content for children

Many children often ask their parents if they can watch a video on the smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV. It is not always easy to accept when they ask for this. Because most parents, rightfully, worry what kind of content young children can have access to on the Internet. Children should not have Internet access without first setting up some form of parental control.

Normally parental control software allows you to set which websites children can view on their devices. To help you choose some video content that is appropriate for young children we have prepared a short list with four websites that your children can safely watch.

The list is not arranged in any order.

Disney Plus


On this website you can find many Disney and Pixar classic films like Toy Story. The audio of the films is available in many languages. Subtitles are also available. For you child you can create a profile. Then they can watch the films on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer and on your TV set. The monthly subscription fee is 12.90CHF.

Available films from Disney, Pixar, and National Geographic.

YouTube for Kids


This is service offered by YouTube especially for children. To use it, parents need to create or use an existing YouTube or Google account. Then they can setup a YouTube for kids account for their children. The content in this service is reviewed so that it is appropriate for young kids. You can install the YouTube Kids app from for Android and iPhone.

Account web setup


The service is free of charge.



This is an online platform where you can find many video courses especially for children. There are courses on photography, drawing, science, singing, graphic animation, dancing, etc. The site offers course aimed at developing children’s skills by showing them how to do different projects using everyday objects easily available at home. There is a 14-day FREE trial. Subscription gives Unlimited Access to all the courses and content. The fee is $4-8 dollars per month.

Sky Sport


If your child is a fan of watching sports like football and he does not want to miss a match with Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo this is the website to go to.

There are plenty of International competitions available. Among the most popular you can find the FIFA world Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga Santander, Serie A, Ligue 1, Raiffeisen Super League, Copa Libertadores, Copa del Rey and more.

The sports list includes: Football, Motorsport, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Combat Sports, Winter sports, Handball, Basketball, Cycling, Snooker, Extreme Sports, Horse Riding, Football US

With Sky Sport you or your children can watch the games live or watch the replays later.

The fee for the service will depend on if you subscribe for only a one-day pass or for a monthly pass. The daily pass is CHF 9.90 for a single day. The Monthly pass is between CHF19.90 and CHF29.90. You can check the subscription plans here: https://sport.sky.ch/en/subscription he matches are in English, German, or French.

Hopefully, you find the list helpful to choose what sites or apps you can let children use. All the services mentioned here are available to residents in Switzerland.

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