• Pablo Peña

Why videos on your website must be “optimized” for mobile devices?

Businessman using his smartphone
Each year more people use their smartphone to search for information

Most would agree that organizations must have a website on the Internet if they want anyone to find and use their services. But putting all info and videos online and hoping for the best is not enough. You must make sure that the content you put online can be accessed in the best way by people using smartphones or tablets. Why? Because each year the number of people using mobile devices to search for information and then buying services keeps growing.

According to statistics from 2020, around half, or more, of all people using search engines are doing that from a mobile device. This means a smartphone or tablet. You can even test how correct this statistic could be by yourself. The next time you are on a bus, train or subway just look at how many of the passengers are staring at their smartphone. There are many users watching videos related to information they look for. They are doing this on their way to work or coming back home.

YouTube is part of Google. And YouTube is also another search engine. By using video, you help people to find your website. You can upload video to YouTube and embed it inside your website. If you use video allow the viewer to adjust the quality settings of the video to any level that he prefers.

Professional woman using Google on her smartphone
Everyday people search for information while commuting to and from work

However, it is not only passengers on public transportation. Some people could be at work, but they still use their phone to search and find information. It can be that they left their own office for a moment and went to another part of the company building. They will not carry around their laptop with them just for that. But most will keep the cell phone in their pocket. So, if they need to find a video for example they might do that from their cell phone.

They can do this for about any service or product you can think of. They will google what they need and then check the results page and click the video thumbnails links there. If that link directs them to a video that takes too long to load on their smartphone they will go to the next links in the results page. They will not spend too much time on this. They are busy.

Here are two reasons why it is recommended to optimize your website’s video content for users on mobile devices.

  • The speed of their Internet connection. The users may be connecting using a slow speed Wi-Fi network. Or connecting through the mobile telephone network. The phone signal in their location could be very weak, and unreliable. So, they may not be able to keep the Internet connection long enough to load an entire high-resolution video with 20 minutes of playing time. Make sure your videos load fast on mobile devices. One way to make your videos load faster is to avoid using HD resolution as the default quality that creates a huge file size that takes longer to download.

  • The cost of the data transmission. Many mobile device users have a limited data plan through their telephone operator. They do not have an unlimited flat fee internet connection. So, the bigger the file size of the video they want to watch is the longer the wait and the more they must pay.

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