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What is the best place to show your ads in 2021?

Online video advertising growing in 2021
The 2021 trends report shows where to place ads to get a large audience

Where and how can you give your message to your audience? How can you show them the products and services you offer?

The COVID19 lockdowns ruled by many governments since 2020 caused many changes in the way media is consumed.

The changes brought problems as well as opportunities. Digital media technology is offering new advertising alternatives. But many companies’ executives feel confused by the number of options available. And they have to manage their advertising campaigns with a reduced budget.

To bring some light that will help you see better what works in advertising in 2021 we had a look at a report prepared by the insights and consulting company Kantar (www.kantar.com).

The paragraphs below show a couple of the key points from the report trends for 2021.

You can find the report on their website. Here is essentialt it reveals.

Subscription Video on Demand

Because of the lockdowns many people had no other choice than to stay at home. This made the market for video on demand subscription services to grow like never seen before.

But the report shows that customer loyalty for the video on demand services cannot be taken for granted. Many customers change from one service to another very easily. This reality gave some online video companies the idea to form partnerships so that their clients can enjoy content from all partners without having to change to another subscription service.

The consumers of this kind of service pay a flat fee for some of the content they get. But some extra premium content requires an additional fee.

If you have the chance to view these services, you will notice that even when you pay for them, they are not always ad free. Some advertisers are already making use of this new media to promote their products and services.

Audience behaviors

The Covid19 lockdowns created changes in the media consumption. Media consumption grew across all in-home channels. In April 2020, internet browsing increased by 64%, online video by 54%.

Marketers made plans to invest more in digital advertising in 2021.

The report highlights the fact that creative context takes center stage.

For the report authors content creators need to focus their efforts on the platforms that provide best value for them, rather than customize content to every platform.

Online video will be the single biggest winner with continued growth in the higher reach digital video services like YouTube. The report also states that brands will make use of relevant influencers and interactivity.

At the same time audio advertising will play an important role on podcast networks.

Did you find the information useful? Will it help you make the right decision when you choose the media to deliver your message? May it help you avoid the confusion created by so much contradictory information about what works as the media channel to place your advertisements.

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