• Lucas Chambers - Director

SmartCuts New Website Development

screenshot of our new website
A preview of our new website under development

As the summer rolls in and our clients roll out of town for vacations, we’re taking advantage of a lull in a busy year so far to work hard on our new website. Seems every 2-3 years, you need one of those if you want to claim to be cutting-edge, which we do. Things are changing in the way Google looks at websites, and the technology and trends in what the latest and greatest of website design has changed too. Needless to say we’re not sitting on the sidelines watching it all go by. We’re hopping on the bandwagon and muscling our way to the front seats for a better view of what’s coming around the next corner. We won’t drop our britches here and bear all, but we can tell you that the days of confining content to a certain resolution are over. It was already well on its way, granted, but on our new website, we’ll be using the full real estate of every screen to create a captivating experience. We’re also resolutely going for the less is more approach, looking to put our money where our mouth is: clear, concise, creative content creation. Check the alliteration! Our new website will be all about classy design that delivers just what’s needed when it’s needed and not a jot more. It’s well on its way, so check in at www.smartcuts.ch soon to experience a whole new us. Don’t worry (as if you are…), we’ll make sure to flag the big launch. This is just a drum roll, so to speak. Thanks for your fidelity and interest. Stay tuned!