• Lucas Chambers - Director

Medical Video Production in Full Swing

Doing some rather technical shooting at Medtronic this week. Product demo videos for deep spinal surgery instruments of all types. The X-rays are wreaking havoc on our lavalier mic connections, but other than that, all smooth shooting. Very interesting presentations covering the use of high-tech tools. Well prepared and very knowledgeable product managers in front of the camera doing a great job.

Smart Cuts specializes in Medical and Biotech video production. We often produce video content for Medtronic in Tolochenaz. Shooting video in medical contexts requires the crew be familiar with various medical hygiene procedures, and all the more so in times of Covid-19. Having non-cumbersome and versatile equipment, as well as a streamlined and very organized team is essential.

Nevertheless, product videography is heavy in terms of the setup, to get the lighting right: it’s essential to reduce shadows to a bear minimum and to have an overheard camera shooting in 4k for top quality results. We’re using 2 Sony FS7 cameras and a Panasonic GH5s for the top shots. Looking forward to the Sony A7Siii for those. We’re also doing a lot of screen-capture from the various machines in the demo lab.

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