• Aurélie

The Ins and Outs of a Marketing Video

It is important to be very clear on the goal of your marketing video

Producing a video to promote your brand or business is a great investment if the video is done well. Indeed, 60% of people prefer to watch a video over reading text. Internet users retain 10% of what they read compared to 58% of what they see and hear, as this short video explains.

Since there are many types of advertising and promotional videos, it is critical to know in advance what the intent of the production is, and who its audience will be.

Let's take a closer look at the different goals of a marketing video:

1. Talk about your brand

When you talk about your brand through a video, you will mainly want to convey the values ​​of the brand. This is often done through emotion. Viewers will be more captivated if they feel touched than if they see and hear facts, figures and other intellectual matter.

You will therefore need to know what values ​​your brand conveys ; what it brings to its customers, suppliers, employees, beyond the end product or service. It can be human, social, ecological values...

The storyline and visual ambience of this type of video is therefore very important. The video should engage the audience's senses in order to leave a mark.

With creativity and inventiveness, anything is possible to make this type of video. You can insert a punchy voice-over or captivating music, for example. You can also make a fictional video, and tell a story that touches the viewer and thus speaks indirectly of your brand. The sounds, the colors, the quality of the images and the scenario are very important to successfully convey emotion on screen. This is why it is essential to entrust the production of your branded video to professionals in the field.

2. Talking about a product or a range of products

This type of video targets a specific product or range. It will be necessary to talk about the functionalities of the product, its specificities, its advantages, to show why the product is essential. What needs it answers; what problems it solves.

You can also focus your video on how you manufacture your products, or develop your services. This will pique the viewer’s interest. It will also help earn their trust because you will make your business more transparent.

You can opt for a video report, for example showing the inside of the factory or where the raw materials come from. You can also show a customer's use of the product or service (real or fictitious). A tutorial video can also be an option to talk about a product. Animation is also, of course, be a good way to talk about your product or service. It allows you to convey schematic information that will more easily anchor itself in the minds of viewers.

Here too, emotional involvement is a good way to capture attention. This depends a lot on the script-writing and the quality of the video footage shot.

3. Talk about your employees

A good marketing approach is to talk about your staff, or better yet, to make your employees talk about themselves. Through this, you will also talk about your company and its values. This could attract potential customers, but also potential future employees.

Interviews are an ideal form of video for this. You can, for example, feature an interviewer and an interviewed member of staff. The interview will then take the form of a discussion and will appear spontaneous, although this of course requires a great deal of preparation. You also have the option of filming the interviewee alone and displaying the questions on the screen, or the filmed person can also express themselves freely on a subject having prepared their speech in advance.

4. Promote a company event

To promote an event, you can insert text on the video with important information (date, place, price, etc.). The images used should be relevant and attract attention. You can use images from a past event, stage the event before-hand, film the location, the employees who will be present; conveying the atmosphere of the event so as to make the public want to attend.

5. The customer's point of view:

An effective way to catch the attention of potential customers through a video is to interview satisfied customers who will talk about their experience. This will make it easy for the public to identify with it.

As with employee videos, such testimonials can take the form of a report or an interview, but you can also include short quotes from customers with text written into the video.

The different script-writing approaches

As I wrote earlier, one of the key things in video marketing is to convey emotion. This is done throughout all stages of production: from screenplay to editing. When writing your script, you will choose which emotion you want to convey. Some ads use humor, which is a great way for viewers to sympathize with and remember your brand. Depending on the subject, it might be more beneficial to opt for more somber subjects, by arousing empathy. You can also tell a story, preparing a fictional scenario. This will make your marketing video look like a mini-series.

As you can see, the choices are many, but making a marketing video requires expertise and good knowledge of the field. The investment of time and money can seem scary at first, but it is often necessary if you are to achieve your marketing goal.

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