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Keep large photo and video collections organized and save time!

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Storing, managing and searching your digital photo and video collections is easy with this professional program

Find any specific photo or video you’re looking for in just a few seconds even if you have thousands in your digital collection.

Organize any large number of images or videos. Use tags to find any of these types of digital files by entering a date, place, or the name of a person or any other detail.

The tool I personally use and recommend is an advanced professional photo management computer program. It helps you save a lot of time whenever you try to find a video or photo in a large collection of still images or videos. It can manage the images in your smartphone, desktop, laptop or external storage disc.

Never again spend too much time looking for that nice picture you want to use now.

And get all of this done completely free of any charge.

What is this software?

It’s called Digikam.

This program includes a complete set of editing tools. This includes the essential tools for adjusting colors, cropping, and sharpening along with advanced tools for, curves adjustment, panorama stitching, and much more.

You can freely download and install Digikam. Its license allows you to get it free of charge.

If you are interested and want to try this software, follow the instructions below.

Download and install this installer file to your computer.

Go to https://www.digikam.org/download/

On that page choose the operating system that runs in your computer: GNU/Linux, Windows or Mac.

After that you will see a new page with a list called “mirrors”. These are the different servers you can download the program from. The server list shows how far they are from your location. You can pick one close to you. Click on the link to start the download. A tiny window will popup asking you to save the file.

Remember where the file is saved.

Then run this file and the installation of the program will start. You will see a series of windows popup and ask to select some configuration options. In most cases you can just accept the default install options and click next until the last configuration window and then the installation starts.

Once the installation is complete Digikam is ready to help you get organized. With it you can import, manage, edit and share your photos.

Not only can you organize your photos and your videos into albums. With this tool you can add tags, ratings and labels to photos and raw files. Then you can use the program’s filter functionality to quickly find any item that matches your search criteria.

Using the program’s powerful search capabilities, you can search photos by tags, labels, rating, data, location and even specific metadata.

As mentioned earlier the license Digikam has, offers one important benefit: it is free of charge. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or GNU GPLv2. It can be installed in as many computers as you need without having to pay each time.

This is great If you need a program on your own personal computer or on that of any member of your family. You can use Digikam immediately without any worries about software license purchases.

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