• Lucas Chambers - Director

International Webinar Production

Another week another virtual event. Last week it was a co-production with Outlook Creative in the UK for a Medtronic product launch. The setup was unusual: 5 cameras with video feeds going into 5 PCs so that, using a program called VMix, we could insert a specific framing of the chosen virtual set for each shot. The resulting composition was then fed into a Zoom webinar, each video feed representing a panelist that the team at Outlook in the UK could then spotlight, i.e. put on air for all participants to see and hear. It was not without its lot of challenges, as always, but we persevered and got everything working smoothly for the 5-hour show. Lots of pre-recorded videos, interventions from remote panelists via Zoom, Q&As, lives from the studio and the usual colorful cocktail that makes for a happy webinar. It was a success. The Medtronic team popped the champagne in our studio afterwards and a good time was had by all. Here’s a little teaser of this virtual event.