• Lucas Chambers - Director

Experience and enjoy a Virtual Tour of the International University in Geneva

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Not long ago, we mentioned the video tour we put together for the International University in Geneva. The video version was done, and we showed it to you. This time we present the interactive version, where you get to wander the IUG campus as you please, clicking on the active circles that place you in a new location each time, as anyone is familiar with who uses Google Street View.

Clearly interactive virtual visits are an ideal way to show off your campus, showroom, studio or what have you. The fact that viewers can choose where to go and what to look at gives a sense of control that incites visitors to dive in, where they might otherwise yawn and say, “Not another visit video.”

The interactivity can include pop up boxes in which we can deliver information about what the viewer is seeing anywhere, anytime during the visit. You choose the limits of the visit and you decide how much detail to include. We make it happen. Give us a call: 022 555 34 95 in Geneva and 021 211 7071 in and around the Lausanne area.