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How video made these events more successful

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

virtual event production, Smart Cuts Video Agency, Switzerland 2020
Virtual event production for Medtronic, Smart Cuts Video Agency, Switzerland 2020

For many years the only way to benefit from a seminar or any similar event was to attend in person.

With the arrival of VHS in the late 70s early 80s, seminar organizers were also selling video cassettes of their events.

VHS video cassette
VHS video cassette

Several years later came the DVD. And they sold the videos of their events. These generated extra revenue besides the income from sales of tickets.

Then in the 1990s the Internet came into our homes and offices.

At first the speed of the connections was not fast enough. Delivery of high-quality video through the Internet was not possible. Even to download a very low-quality video you had to wait for hours.

So events continued to be organized mainly for in-person, physical attendance. Organizers had to find a hotel. Better if was near an airport. They had to reserve a conference room; organize meals; get on a plane, train or car to get there.

During the first decade of the 21st century, a lot of work was done by the telecommunications industry to make broadband high-speed access to the Internet available in many parts of the world. This high-speed internet was first used in the United States and Western Europe.

This high-speed internet allowed the transmission of high-quality video in real time.

So now event organizers were offering in-person attendance ticket sales, DVDs for sale usually after the event and now, with high-speed internet, people could attend meetings “virtually” by connecting to a website.

Some organizers sold tickets to attend the conference in person. They also sold virtual attendance through the Internet.

Attendees could assist to the conferences without leaving their homes or offices. They could connect and watch an event live as it happened.

If the virtual attendee was connecting to the live transmission, he could take part in the question-and-answer sessions that usually took place near the end of the event.

If the registered client could not be on time for the live session, he would get a link to watch a replay video recording of the event.

So for many years now many organizers have been offering the option of attending the event physically, in person, or through connection via the Internet.

attending event online
online event

Normally, many organizations organize an annual main event.

This year, 2020, that has not been possible because of the restrictions imposed on meetings of people. Since this situation might last for another year, some organizers have turned to delivering their events completely online. These are called Virtual Events. In some cases, there is a live component to the event, in which case it is referred to as a Hybrid Event.

Most of these events are not free of charge. Some are part of the services clients receive for membership in an organization.

For all these events, and for obvious reasons, video plays a central role, to say the least. The quality of both the images and the audio is critical for viewers to sign up and engage. That’s why it’s tricky to try improvising such events. Outsourcing to a professional video production agency is a worthwhile investment, to make sure your audience have a positive experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Of course one key question that comes up rather quickly in the conception and organization of such virtual and hybrid events is “What’s the venue?” When you rent out a conference center, that’s the venue, but when all your events are virtual, where will they be situated? i.e. what background will viewers see behind the presenters?

The answer is two-fold: one option is to create virtual sets, which is something Smart Cuts Creative provides. These virtual sets are tailored to your brand and the look and feel you want your event to have. Some go for very corporate and grandiose settings. Others prefer more intimate, cozy atmospheres.

The other option is to use video of real venues, which. like the virtual sets above, gets inserted behind the talent. What does that mean? It means that the people delivering content at your event will actually be doing so in a green-screen studio. The green is then “keyed out”, which means it is removed in real-time, to allow whatever background is placed behind the person to show through. The places presenters in a virtual set, which can be video of a real place or created using computer graphics. At the heart of all this is video.

As you can see video is very important.

It generates income for your organization.

It allows you to continue to deliver your valuable knowledge and expertise to your clients.

Video can be sold as a product on its own.

In coming articles we will see how others are using video successfully in their businesses.

Would you like to have a professional high quality video of your event?

Would you like to organize an event that is available to your clients online?

At Smart Cuts we help you produce your online event and video. We have a highly qualified team of professionals with many years of experience.

We can get your event and video produced on time and on budget.

Here is a video of one of our clients: Christian Marcoux from Galderma about his experience with Smart Cuts:

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