• Lucas Chambers - Director

How to make screen capture sexy

We are currently producing an ad for Medtronic. The goal is to promote an E-Trainer for medical equipment. Our challenge is to make what amounts to a bunch of screen capture sexy. Our solution is to liven and cut it up with lively talent, that engages the viewer, not only to motivate, but also to create transitions in the explanation. The video is not finished yet, but the shoot for the presenter-driven aspect is done. All we need to do now is to gather screen-capture, handled by the client, to fill in the gaps. It's all been meticulously storyboarded, of course. All part of the creative communication process. Medtronic is a multinational medical equipment company that counts on us regularly for video and animation production in Geneva and Lausanne, but they have mandated us to shoot in medical facilities all around Europe as well.