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SmartCuts offers professional live video assistance
Live video produces a larger audience than pre-recorded broadcasts

Do you need more people to engage with you and your cause? Is there a fast, easy way to do this?

One effective way to achieve this might be live video.

Research has shown that when you upload live rather than a pre-recorded video to Facebook, live videos have 222% higher reach than uploaded videos. Live videos on Facebook had 240.87% higher reactions, 1389% higher comments and 425.7% higher shares.

So live video has a higher engagement rate than pre-recorded video. Live video has been the most requested feature from LinkedIn users. If you have a LinkedIn account you may want to try their Live Video feature.

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Grow your audience with Live Video

LinkedIn Live is a video streaming service that is still in beta testing. You have to apply using this form. If you are accepted you can stream live video directly from your LinkedIn personal member profile or from your LinkedIn business page.

On the website LinkedIn states that their Live Videos get on average 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments than other kinds of videos produced by the same broadcaster. According to them communities are most active when they gather in real time.

Live video lets users interact with the videos by linking, commenting and asking questions in real time. The host can moderate this.

One important consideration to keep in mind with Linked-In Live is that you have to prepare your video very carefully in advance. In this platform you will be in front of a professional audience. Make sure that what you produce adds value to your target audience.

LinkedIn suggests using Live Video to showcase innovation, promote an event, celebrate big moments, attract employees, interview a guest and to demonstrate expertise.

A user of the program comments that the best types of video for LinkedIn Live are: live Q&A’s, conferences and events, breaking news or industry highlights and product demos.

LinkedIn makes available plenty of documentation to get started. They also give some content ideas. In this way you can watch some recorded videos of past live events and how they were done.

If you try LinkedIn Live and would like to share your experience with us please go ahead and let us know. If you need help to setup any professional equipment to stream live video for your institution you can reach us at: reach-out@smartcuts.ch or call: +41 021 211 7071 to get in contact with our Lausanne office team. 022 555 3495 for service in Geneva.