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Your options for Green Screen Studio Video Production in the Lausanne area

Presentation of the different video studios available near Lausanne as well as their use for your business

One year anniversary of our 360° green screen studio

It's been a year since we celebrated the inauguration of our studio with its 360 ° green screen at our video production agency based in Bussigny, near Lausanne. If you haven't already, you can read our article in which we proudly presented this construction and watch the making of our studio. So it’s now the perfect opportunity to reveal to you the different productions we are currently working on in our studio, as well as to present to you with the possibilities offered by this unique space in Switzerland. But first, let me share with you a little experience...

Video equipment in a green screen studio
Our studio with a 360 ° green screen is fully equipped with professional video and photo equipment

How do you find a video studio that meets your needs ?

At Smartcuts, we care about the experience our customers have when they come to our production agency, from start to finish. This is why I recently put myself in the shoes of a potential client looking for video production studio in the Lausanne region. We are committed to making it easy for businesses and organizations to find what they are looking for in video production, live and otherwise. What caught my attention when I looked for a video studio in Lausanne and beyond, is that what is commonly called a "video studio" is actually a video production space, and more specifically video postproduction. I was directed to production companies that provide a professional service in video and animation, each with its own particularities (specialized in marketing and communication or advertising; highlighting live production ...) and the term “studio” covers all these production services, without the use of a physical studio being necessary or proposed. And yet, the studio is really the space in which videos are created, as the term is also used in music production. I also saw these differences on the Sortlist comparison website we asked to appear on, which features "the 10 best video studios in Lausanne". I imagine these results can be frustrating for someone looking to shoot a video inside a studio, whether with or without a green screen.

Before sharing the results of my research with you, let's take a look at what a video studio can be used for, and ask ourselves what the customer is looking for when they use this service

When a client wishes to produce a video inside a studio, it is because s/he is looking to film a subject or an object in an enclosed, soundproofed place, with a plain or personalized background, and specific adapted lighting. Through the use of a green screen, the subject or object can be inserted on the background of your choice, without having to move to a specific location. The scenery can also change during the video, and even during a live event! The green screen is therefore the ideal background inside a studio, because it allows absolutely everything.

Whether it is to film an interview, insert animation in the background of a video filmed in the studio, give a class, film objects for an advertisement or a product demonstration, organize a conference, a live or rebroadcast webinar, a studio with a green screen will meet all these requests.

Now let's see what you can find for studios in the Vaud region

- Looking for a studio with production services included, I found very easily the company VPS Prod in Lausanne, which is equipped with a 100m2 film set fully equipped with a green screen. This production company also provides a full production and post-production service in several fields.

- Still in Lausanne, the company Videoprod.ch offers video production service with a green screen, in a studio or at the customer's location. They also provide all kinds of video production in various fields.

- Moving away a little from the Vaud region, there is also the studio-pixel company in Monthey, equipped with a 25m2 studio with interchangeable green, white and black background, professional LED lighting and video equipment available for hire. The company provides a video assistant to help with video production within their studio. Studio-pixel also provides a production service for advertising video of objects and products, filmed in this studio, as well as the transmission of live videos on Facebook and Youtube.

- If you have a skilled video production team within your company or organization, or already have a video partner, you will also find many studios available for hire. In this case, all the pre-production, production and post-production service that will come with the production of your project must be carried out by your team or your video partner.

In this research, of course, I also found SmartCuts. A good thing too, given our studio has become one of our main selling points

As I told you in the introduction, it's already been a year since our studio was inaugurated. This space, of which we are proud, is unique in Switzerland because it has a 360 ° green screen, modular with the removable black curtains. During 2020, we really took advantage of this green screen studio, carrying out many projects, large and small. As we have already told you through our articles, we have produced many virtual events in our studio, in particular as an alternative to live events canceled due to Covid-19. But our ambition does not end there. The advantage of a 360° green screen (in detail: 2 walls of 4m71 in width and 2 walls of 7m76 in length, and over the entire surface of the ground) is that absolutely everything is possible. Have you ever dreamed of walking on water? Of flying in the clouds?

Okay, this is a little eccentric, and it's probably not the kind of production you're looking for for your business. But it is an image to encourage you not to limit your ambitions. Our studio motto is "Break the Box" which is a fitting image to say that, even though you are actually within the walls of our studio, you can be anywhere else in the eyes of your spectators.

We fitted the ceiling of our studio with professional, custom-made lighting. First, we attached lights to illuminate the green screen to remove any shadows that might disrupt the background overlay, then we fitted the track ceiling with fully adjustable lighting to provide the best light for your subject. The floor, if you do not want it to be replaced by another floor in post-production, can be covered with a comfortable black carpet. We have recently purchased furniture to seat the guests of our productions, and we can also rent custom furniture according to your wishes.

When you decide to work with us, you can rely on our team of fully trained professionals to take charge of all the production stages of your project, whether it is the development of the script, artistic decisions, editing, animation, motion graphics ... you make your request and we respond to it.

Professional video tool for webinars
The productions we make in our studio require precise technical mastery

Current production in our studio near Lausanne

Currently we are preparing a co-production with the Outlook Creative agency in England, who commissioned us to help them organize a webinar that they are producing for the medical technology company Medtronic in Tolochenaz. This 5-hour webinar will take place live from our studio and we take care of sending the video and audio streams while inserting the speakers into a virtual set for the Outlook Creative agency in England.

As you can see, it is difficult to sum up all the possibilities of a studio like ours, as they are so many. What is certain is that it is essential to be an expert in the field to guarantee quality service. At SmartCuts, we have this expertise and our customers can feel confident when they put a production of this magnitude in our hands. Do not hesitate to visit us at Chemin du Bosquet 38 in Bussigny, or contact us on +41 21 211 7071 to discuss your next video production in a proper video production studio..