• Pablo Peña

EPFL animated film

Create an explanatory animated film for a transition to a better world. That, in a nutshell, is the challenge that the Department of Industry and Innovation at EPFL gave us.

The idea was to explain, through animation, that the economy and society in general, remains far too linear these days. One of the key factors in making it circular, and therefore sustainable, is to revolutionize the use we make of the billions of data collected every day.

Instead of exploiting them to almost exclusively commercial ends, we should envisage a center of artificial intelligence, a brain, that can coordinate and facilitate the countless possible interactions between the different objects that surround us and which serve us in our day to day. day.

This animated film aims to simplify the message and promote the basic concept. As with all good explainer videos, this animation is a gateway to the topic, not a detailed explanation.

The EPFL team who commissioned this animated explainer understood this well: it is first of all a question of captivating the target audience, of capturing their attention, and then of telling them about it. We spent a lot of time on the storyboard and the script, to create a compact, clear and accessible storyline. It’s not easy when you tackle such abstract and complicated concepts.

But EPFL trusted us, and we are grateful to them. The animated film took a long time to make with Covid-19, but the patience and persistence paid off. Here it is finished and already put to good use by the Industry and Innovation team at EPFL.

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