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Creative thinking sound beats

Man with headphones
Some Universities recommend their students to use this sound technique to help them before exams

Did you know you can induce and get into a desirable mental state by playing sounds of different frequencies into each ear?

These frequencies are called binaural beats. They help your brain reduce stress, anxiety, improve memory and stimulate creativity. If you never heard about binaural beats, read this article on binaural beats published on the website of Colorado State University. There is also another in-depth article here .

Here's what the audio team at The SmartCuts Creative Communications Company can tell you about binaural beats.

Whenever sound reaches your ear, it is transformed into an electrical signal that goes to your brain. Each ear has its separate connections to the brain. Binaural beats work by sending sounds of different frequencies into each ear.

When you play and listen to binaural beats you can influence any of the five categories of brain waves: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Different kinds of thinking or activities relate to each brain wave. Gamma waves are linked to cognitive flexibility, attention to detail, focus and divergent thinking which is a marker of creativity.

Is it possible to take advantage of binaural beats at work?

The answer is yes. Using binaural beats, you can deliberately induce the mental state you desire.

What do you need to benefit from this? Is any expensive or hard to find equipment required?

All you need is your own mobile telephone and headphones. The headphones are especially important. Why? Because each earbud will have a sound of a different frequency. It will not work with speakers.

Try and test binaural beats to see how they work for you. Find a quiet place where no one will interrupt you for some minutes. Get your phone and headphones. Open the YouTube or Spotify app. Type in “binaural beats” in the Search box.

When you type binaural beats into YouTube search, you get many results that match those search terms.

Several of the listed videos have 3, 4 and even 7 million views.

If the results show videos longer than 1 hour, set YouTube’s search filter for shorter clips. For example, between 4 – 20 minutes.

From that list choose a video with binaural beats according to the mental state you desire. If you want to relax select a different set of beats than if you want to concentrate on studying or problem solving.

Before listening find a comfortable chair. Then just sit and relax. Put on the headphones, click on the play button, close your eyes and listen to the sounds for a few minutes. Some binaural beats videos include background music.

Have fun! Use one kind of binaural beats in the morning to stimulate your focus and creative communications capacity. Use another kind of beats after the working day is over to get rid of any stress and just chill out.

There are mobile phone apps for binaural beats. For example: Android binaural beats and binaural beats therapy among others. They work without need of any internet connection and in the background.

On one android app, for example, the beats are organized into categories: healing, learning, meditation, sleep, simulation, hypnosis and out of body experience.

Each category contains one or more programs designed to get a specific state of mind.

If you are looking for new ways to get in the right mindset before dealing with any task or project that will require your creative skills, why not try binaural beats?

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