• Pablo Peña

How top companies in Switzerland use Virtual Events to prosper despite Covid19

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Your events can go ahead, despite COVID19 travel and meeting restrictions

Covid19 has caused the cancellations of many events around the world. Switzerland has seen the same happen. Important events that were planned several years in advance suddenly had to stop.

Many companies did not expect this to happen. Some did not have any backup plan. They lost a lot of money. Some are already out of business.

But even before the pandemic arrived some companies and other organizations had been using this tool. It let them continue to do business and avoid losing money when the pandemic hit.

How were they doing this?

They were using Virtual Events, and more specifically Webinars.

Thanks to webinars they continue to deliver their planned seminars and workshops online. Some are also using webinars to generate new clients.

The demand for online webinars and virtual meeting services has been huge this year.

Even governments are using them now.

In case you have never used them let’s briefly see what a webinar is, what you can gain by using them, and where to find experienced professionals to help you produce a webinar in Switzerland.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online meeting. It is completely delivered and accessed through the Internet. Participants attend the meeting using a simple web browser or a special online meeting software. Access to the webinar can be secured through a password and a unique private URL.

The webinar organizers can deliver their presentation using audio and video. They can share what is displayed on a computer screen with all participants. During the presentation the microphones of the participants can be muted so that only the speaker can be heard.

At the end of the presentation there can be a question and answer (Q&A) session. There can also be a discussion. At this point participants can ask their questions using their computer microphones or by typing their questions in a special chat box.

The webinar can be recorded to be played back again later. It can also be made available to download through a secure link.

What can you gain by doing a webinar?

You could use a webinar if you have any of the following objectives:

If you want to:

  • Generate new clients;

  • Use time, money and other resources efficiently;

  • Reach clients around the world;

  • Serve a greater number of your potential clients well beyond the borders of constraint that physical marketing events require;

  • Serve far greater numbers of people and generate significantly more revenue;

  • Reach a large enough audience without spending masses of money;

  • Give training sessions to the staff. You have experts to give the training;

Normally your organization prepares annual physical events. Because of the pandemic that is not possible or not practical. A webinar is a very good alternative. See the benefits? So how do you produce one?

How do you produce a webinar?

You can choose one of two options:

In option A you do it all yourself. You search for someone in your team with the time to learn how to prepare and run a webinar. Can you find anyone with the logistical, IT and video skills to setup and run a webinar? And if you find that person, would the quality be high enough to satisfy your audience?

Your staff is already too busy carrying out important tasks for the company. You can’t afford to ask anyone to put aside what they are already doing to spend many hours to learn all the technical details to set up and run a webinar. The other option is to get outside professional help.

I bet you are in the group of people who would take the second option. You want professionals to help you get it done right. The quality of the webinar is very important. You can’t risk very low or poor quality. Your clients or target audience would not be impressed.

How we help companies with their virtual events and webinar production.

We can produce the virtual event or webinar for you, whether you want to do the event from your own company or from our professional, 360° green-screen studio.

Our studio is located 16 minutes from the center of Lausanne by car using the freeway. Or 18 minutes away if you take the train from the Lausanne train station to Bussigny.

In our professional studio you get:

  • A complete soundproof recording studio. This prevents any undesired noise or sound from getting into the audio track;

  • Professional lightning equipment. This guarantees that the images will be of the highest quality;

  • 360° green-screen video production studio. With this studio you can change the background behind you. You choose where you want to appear. Your audience will see you as if you were somewhere else in the world or on a virtual set that we can custom create for you.

  • High speed Internet connection. This makes sure that the large size files of high quality video can travel at lighting speed anywhere in the world.

  • Live broadcast capabilities. We can broadcast your event or webinar from our studio or your business location. We can also record the video to be broadcast or streamed later.

  • Cloud storage and immediate access to your video 24/7 from anywhere in the world. We store all our recordings immediately on our fast and secure cloud storage servers.

  • We have a room for Virtual meetings.

  • Are you a media production agency outside Switzerland? Do you need to interview someone who lives or works in the Lausanne area? If for any reason your interview guest can’t travel to your studio outside Switzerland, or you can't travel to Lausanne, we’ll welcome your guest in our studio and stream the video live to you or record it for later access.

In the past few weeks we have successfully produced webinars for:

  • Medtronic, the medical device company with more than 200,000 employees and with revenues of over 30 billion dollars;

  • Galderma, the Swiss pharmaceutical company with 5,000 employees and 2.8 billion Swiss francs in revenues;

  • Bobst the Swiss packaging and labeling company with 5,600 employees and more than 1.6 billion Swiss francs in revenue.

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the highlights that came out of this work.

Welcome to our Virtual Events Show-reel:

Would you like to see what your webinar would look like if you let us help you produce it?

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Do you have an upcoming event to produce?

We are experiencing a significant increase in the demand for our virtual events and webinar production service. Please contact us early enough if possible. This way you’ll have time reserved for your webinar production.