• Lucas Chambers - Director

Corporate Video Production at its Best

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Isn’t it the best feeling when someone calls you up and says, “We need this, and from what we’ve seen, you’re the right people to do it. We trust you. Go for it. Here’s the money.”

Now that may seem like a cavalier attitude, and in many ways it is, but I personally love it, because that’s exactly the way I am: I go on instinct. I go on hunches, mostly from the feeling I get when speaking to someone.

At Smart Cuts, we got a call recently from the Head of Sales & Marketing at Rhiva, a Rhine valley-based motor company, who needed what he described as “an epic corporate video” to make his company shine at the Shanghai Motor Show that just wrapped up last weekend. This guy had never heard of us. Sure he’d seen some samples on our website, and he even asked for a few, but in the end, he clearly decided to go on a gut feeling that we would get it right…in just 6 weeks.

What a phenomenal risk to take. What if we’d blown it totally? That leap of faith galvanized the Smart Cuts video production team from the get-go, and the continued confidence we felt from this client along the intense weeks added to our commitment to provide the best possible result. And here it is

This is what I’d call corporate video production at its best: a client who knows what she wants, trusts you, provides the budget needed to accomplish his goals and supports you with useful feedback along the way. That last point is key: when you’re given 6 weeks to come up with a scenario, find a rental Porsche Taycan (white), drive from the source to the delta of the Rhine to shoot epic drone footage (all the while hoping for good weather), get the animation team to understand the client’s drive unit, model it in 3D, animate it with oil flow and then integrated it all into a compelling corporate video, you need timely input and client support, that’s for sure. We got it, and we delivered. A great project that almost saw the drone pilot get arrested in Germany, but with a bit of sweat-talking, it all worked out.

A big congratulations to all those who worked hard to pull this off. And a big thank you to our trusting client with the nerves of steel (he was still laughing when we delivered the first draft only a week before deadline … with none of the 3D animation textures or glossy effects finished). This truly was corporate video production at its best.

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