• Pablo Peña

The importance of corporate show reel video for your organization

Show reel video is considered the most important type of corporate video to produce. Many large corporations realize this, and they use them very often. But show reels are not only for large firms. Small and medium size organizations can also use them.

Why is this video type so important?

Because this is the kind of video you use to introduce your company to your potential new clients and partners. Your organization should always have a very recent show reel video ready. The presentation of a show reel is a great opportunity to show the best of your firm and its products and services.

This video can be shown to a small or large audience. In the old days before fast speed internet connections, this film or video would have been sent to the physical address of the target audience. Today you can make it available on your institutional website. There, it can be seen from anywhere in the world.

The show reel is not only important to attract potential new clients. It can be shown to interested investors and current shareholders.

What would the show reel look like? A show reel is not like a 2-hour long Hollywood style film. The ideal duration would be 3 minutes or less. Have a look at our SmartCuts company show reel as a sample. Ours is really short, composed of diverse shots to show the full breadth of the type of work we do

Since the show reel is especially designed to introduce an organization to viewers who do not know about it, you must plan carefully what content to show and the sequence.

Always show your best content first. If you are a manufacturer, you may want to show your impressive modern installations first. You could show how well organized it is and the efficiency it allows. An airline would show its best and most recent airplanes, and the friendly and professional cabin service.

Show the best benefits of your products and services upfront, but don’t attempt going into any detail whatsoever. The whole point here is to be brief, comprehensive and impressive. Many professionals in communications say that the first few seconds are the most important. If they do not see anything that captures the audience’s interest in the first 10 seconds, they will quickly lose interest and stop paying attention. So, if you put the best you have to show at the end, don’t expect wonders. The budget for a show reel can, and should, be a substantial investment. This is your main ad, your prime hook, so to speak. Don’t go cheap. You can skimp on videos you outsource or do in-house further down the marketing funnel, but with the show reel, we’re talking top-of-the-funnel stuff. That’s also why it makes so much sense not to attempt to get the comms or marketing guy to do this with the company handy-cam. If there’s one video you need to outsource, it’s this one.

At SmartCuts we have many years of experience producing corporate show reels for high-profile clients in Switzerland. If you have any questions and you would like a more detailed explanation on the different aspects of production, please feel free to contact us. We will be very pleased to help.