• Lucas Chambers - Director

UEFA’s Committees Congress Video

After months of hard work, this year’s corporate video for UEFA’s Committees Congress held yesterday in Montreux was shown on the big screen. Delegations were present from all around Europe and, of course, UEFA’s top brass was there. Once again, the video was a hit, providing a glimpse of what each committee is up to, successes, goals, challenges without bogging down in details and losing steam. For the back story, UEFA came to SmartCuts in 2020 for a solution to their problem of losing audience attention during committee presentations during these congresses. We proposed a mix of dynamic footage provided by UEFA and animation provided by SmartCuts to summarize committee achievements, while offering lots of eye candy and motivational content. The recipe worked and has now been accepted as the go-to solution each year. We’re proud to have been chosen and to deliver the goods year in and year out. Here’s this year’s opus for you to enjoy too.