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Choose a video production company around Geneva and Lausanne

Video production
Choosing a video company for your business' videos can be tricky. Read our advices.

Here are some tips to choose the production agency that suits you best:

If you are located in the Lausanne or Geneva area and are looking for a video production company, you’ll quickly see the choice is vast. It can be tough to choose between all of these companies. Some have specialties, some have a large and varied portfolio. So you might well be wondering what criteria to use when deciding who to work with. Is it cost that will tilt the scales? Location ? The type of production the specialize in? Customer recommendations?

In this article, I offer some tips that may be useful when making your choice.

The Price is Right

There is a common tendency to go for what costs least. High-end video service, however, inevitably comes at a price. Inexpensive video production may deliver far less ROI, in the end, and you could end up with something quite different than what you had in mind. Price is important when you're on a tight budget, but it shouldn't come at the expense of quality service. If you want to cut the budget for your video, we have some recommendations for combining high-end service with a reasonable price. We shared these with you in a previous article.

Variety of Service

Depending on your video production needs, you will first want to see if a company offers the right service. For example, if you want a video shot in a studio, it would be best if the company had their own studio on their premises. There are also many production companies that rent outside studios and can therefore offer you this service. If you want to make an animated film, commercial or corporate video, check the production company's website to see if they offer these specific services. But you may want to check in with a company that seems promising, even though it may not offer the specific service you require. You never know. In such a case, do ask for samples, or at least have a sincere conversation about whether they can really handle this type of video production.


For practical reasons, you might want to choose a production company that is close to your business, especially if you have to go there for a studio shoot. For this, it will also be important that the company is easily accessible, close to the motorway with parking spaces available or close to a train station if you are coming by public transport. However, it is not always essential to go to the video production company. For example, if the filming will be done at your offices or outside, the film crews always move easily, even if we speak about long distances. Either way, you can discuss this with the production manager when making your selection.

For all the exchanges necessary for the proper planning of your video production, tools like Zoom or Skype allow you to carry out quality interviews without having to travel. That’s if the company you want to turn to is too far away or if you just want to save time. The same goes for feedback on the various stages of production: all this can now be done remotely with tools like Vimeo for example.

Customer recommendations

Many production companies publish extracts or entire recommendations from clients on their websites. This can be very useful to guarantee the good quality of their service and reassure you of your choice. Thus, you very quickly have an idea of ​​the strengths of the company, but also of the type of clients who mandate this company.

Often, too, video production companies indicate which firms they have already worked for, and this is further proof of their experience and credibility.

Years of experience

Considering the number of years of experience of a video production company can, of course, be beneficial in choosing a partner. A lot of video production companies or freelancers have emerged in recent years and going for an agency with a lot of experience can guarantee higher quality. However, pay attention to the various recent productions the company has been mandated for, just to make sure that it’s maintaining a modern vision.

Artistic direction

Finally, while viewing the portfolio of a video production company, or its showreels, you may notice an artistic direction specific to that company. Although they usually adapt to customer demand by producing tailor-made video for the brand or company image, each agency will do it differently. So you may choose your video production company because you like the way they do this.

A few production companies near Geneva and Lausanne

At SmartCuts, we like to have a good rapport with the various video production companies in the region, because we find it stimulating and interesting.

In Geneva, we know Marc Bader from Grande Image and Louis Mouchet from Neovision whom I contacted before writing this article to inform you about what these two production companies offer.

Marc Bader has been in video for a long time. After studying Film Direction in Vienna, he worked for several years in Prague in video and photography, before moving to Geneva 5 years ago. His production company, Grande Image, mainly produces institutional videos and interviews for international companies. Marc Bader works with professional equipment, such as the Canon C300 Mark II, supplemented with the Canon R6 when 2 cameras are needed. These devices are an additional guarantee of image quality.

Regarding the price range, Grande Image offers a wide range that can be adapted according to the final quality desired by the customer. The standard price for a 10-hour day is 1000.-. He adds that since the Covid-19 crisis, the compromise chosen to reduce costs associated with video production is to concentrate the filming on half a day.

According to Marc Bader, the choice of a video production company should be made according to the agency’s portfolio : “You want to make sure that the videos produced are as close as possible to what you, the customer, are looking for.” He agrees it’s risky and often the wrong idea to choose the cheapest offer.

With decades of experience, Louis Mouchet and his colleague Dorothy Cox from Neovision mainly produce institutional and promotional videos for NGOs and humanitarian associations. They also produce creative documentaries on their own. Located at La Cure (VD), the Neovision team often travels to Geneva and willingly to all of Switzerland or the world. They have toured in almost 40 different countries.

Louis Mouchet’s advice is to favor human contact when choosing a video production company. And this is what he puts forward in his first contact with customers or other production companies like SmartCuts, more than the gear and the techniques.

In Lausanne, we also know ImaginaStudio, which produces high-end institutional videos, advertisements, but also creative fiction films. Messieurs.ch are also among other video production companies with solid experience that we can also recommend.