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How to get attention from your potential clients using video on Instagram

business woman using Instagram to promote her business
Learn how to leverage Instagram with videos to promote your business.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today and reaches an increasingly broad age group. Individuals, influencers, companies, organizations ... rare are those who have not yet embarked on the adventure of Instagram. Originally designed to post and view photos, Instagram now allows you to post videos in different formats for different purposes. And as we all know, video is a great way to talk about your business or company. On social networks, it multiplies by two reactions and engagement compared to other content (photos and others). It gives more space to the narrative and involves the spectators more. Indeed, Instagram users who will view your video have the possibility to intervene through the various tools that you can use on the application: by sharing it on their personal page or responding instantly by private message or in the comments.

First think about the goal of this video as well as its content

Using video for your business can be justified in several ways, and it is helpful to first consider the purpose of creating and posting a video on Instagram. Do you want to highlight a product or a new service that you offer? Do you want to present your business to those who don’t know you yet? What intention and what message do you want to put in your video? The answer to these questions allows you to define, not only the content of your video, but also what type of publication you are going to make, depending on whether the video will be permanent or ephemeral, short or long-lasting, and in what manner the spectators should react to it.

Who is it talking to?

Once your intention is clear, you will need to ask yourself about your target audience. Who will your video be for? Is this audience really present on Instagram? What type of video will this audience prefer to watch? And finally, what are the needs of this audience? How will your video meet their demand?

What type of video are you going to produce?

Depending on your answers to the questions above, we might direct you to an advertisement or product promotion video; an interview that will inform viewers about a specific subject or person; a testimonial; a demonstration or a tutorial, or an animation which will allow the spectator to project himself in a new situation.

You can then define how you produce this video: is it simple and maybe done by you or your team, with a smartphone or your personal camera? Or does it need to be produced by a professional team? You can, of course, also choose to publish on Instagram a video that you have in your video library, that you have produced recently or in the past, as long as it meets the criteria of format, size and duration that we will see below.

Which publication will you favor?

On Instagram, there are several ways to post a video: as a story, on Instagram TV (IGTV) or as a post on your feed. Each type of publication will have its specificities and will correspond better to a particular type of video. Now let's see these specs:

The story:

A story is an ephemeral publication that will be visible for 24 hours on the feed or on your profile, by clicking on your profile picture. It can be a photo or video, which you upload from your device or capture from the moment. The length of a video story is 3 to 60 seconds, but if your video is longer than 15 seconds it will be cut into 15 second slices. It must be in MP4, MOV or GIF format, with the ratio 9:16 (vertical), 4:5 and 16:9. Consider that users will view video in vertical format on their smartphone screen, so if you produce your video in horizontal format it will not take up the entire screen. The size of your video file for a story should not exceed 4GB.

Stories allow you to publish spontaneous videos: recordings of events or places; longer video teasers; interviews (classic or "face camera") or tutorials. You can use the tools offered by Instagram such as emojis, stickers or Gifs to insert over your videos, but also interactive tools to do surveys. You can also make live videos which will appear as a story and your subscribers will be able to interact in real time.

Posting a video in your feed:

Video posted to your feed will appear among all your posts on your profile page as well as in the news feed. Its duration can vary between 3 and 60 seconds and the recommended extension is MP4. The format can be square, vertical or horizontal, but the square format will still be more suitable because the thumbnail will appear in square format in the news feed. The ratio should be between 1.9: 1 to 4: 5. For the publication of a video in the feed, there is no imposed size, but it is recommended not to exceed 50mb.

The videos intended for the feed can be videos presenting the products or services that you offer in your company as well as news, extracts from interviews, etc. It will be a video that will remain visible indefinitely on your profile, unless you do not decide to withdraw it.

Instagram TV (IGTV):

The other possibility on Instagram is to post a video on IGTV, which is a separate app but directly linked to Instagram. These videos can last between 15 seconds and 10 minutes, so it is preferred for long videos, full interviews, small documentary formats or reports for example. If you have more than 10,000 subscribers or your account is certified, your IGTV videos can even be up to 1 hour long. The recommended format is MP4 and, as with stories, it will be preferable to make a video in vertical format as the video will be viewed primarily on a smartphone screen. However, the square format is also suitable and is used more and more; Instagram generates a background that fits well with the main hues of the video. The maximum size should be 650mb up to 10min and 3.6GB up to 60min and the ratio of 4:5 or 9:16.

You get the idea, posting videos on Instagram is easy, but requires some basic knowledge. The next step will be to understand how to highlight your video, through a strategic description, well used hashtags and, for example, by sharing it in your stories or by tagging people related to your video. If video is a medium that you use frequently through social networks, don't hesitate to take the plunge to showcase your business or organization! If you need to be supported in your process by a team of experienced professionals, you can call on SmartCuts. We will get back to you as soon as possible, provide you with a free quote before establishing an action plan with you.