• Pablo Peña

SmartCuts & Bobst – A Case Study of Perfect Partnership in Video Production

Bobst is a leading firm in the world packaging industry, and while we won’t claim to be their equivalent in video production on the international scene, we can do so for the Swiss market. It was therefore a no-brainer for our two companies to strike up a partnership. Like all multinational players looking to stay ahead, Bobst heavily relies on video production to get its message across, both to customers and employees. The company recently launched a whole new platform and internal workflow, and to communicate competently and convincingly to its staff, it made a smart move: it called SmartCuts.

We have been doing video production for Bobst for over a year now, going from success to success, including full-scale webinars. This recent project was all about making the middle management come across as clear and confident about the new platform being rolled out. SmartCuts sent in a team whose mission was not only to shoot and edit great video, but also to make sure that the message was delivered in a compelling manner. We added live event elements to the launch and delivered numerous videos that, together, made a splash with staff. Here’s a sample from the final GoLive video.