• Pablo Peña

Augmented and Virtual Reality Demo Video

Video is still understood by most to mean a passive viewing experience: sitting behind a screen to take in a show or instructional presentation of some kind. But those working in the world of video production know how much more it can and should represent. Video, really, is a medium of communication; a tool that can embellish what you have to say, or say it much more clearly and emphatically than you could ever hope to say it in vivo voce. That’s why at SmartCuts, we’ve been pushing hard to develop our virtual and augmented reality video service. Here’s a showreel to give you a glimpse of the tremendous possibilities.

This type of AR and VR video is being used by smart companies to profile themselves as cutting edge in their communication, not only vis-à-vis their customers, but also their staff. As you can see from some of these excerpts, AR and VR video can be useful beyond words when it comes to communicating with personnel or training staff.

So it really is more than eye-candy to wow your clients. Augmented and virtual reality video is a new dimension of communication that can make video much more interactive and much more effective. Demand is on the rise, and we’re right there responding. Give us a call if you need help taking your communication to the next level.