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Animation Solutions for Creative Corporate Communications

Here is why you should choose animation for your next corporate explainer

At any given moment in your business, you will run into instances when you will need to explain things to clients, staff, or your wider audience: security protocols, how to use a web tool, mobile app, or even urgently communicate during a crisis. What you need is to come up with is a clear, compelling explainer.

What is an explainer?

An explainer can be an article, a set of pictures, or a video that breaks down complex issues and makes them simple for the audience to understand readily and rapidly.

Now, the most important questions you might ask yourself now are:

1. What is the best format to do this? Should I send an email newsletter, pamphlet, infographic, or video?

2. Once I pick the format, how can I best hook my viewers into actually reading or watching what I am about to convey?

Animation produced by SmartCuts Creative for UEFA's annual corporate congress.

The most effective explainers are video explainers, and here is why:

Simple, vision is our most dominant sense. About 80% of what we learn from the world around us comes from direct visual perception, learning, cognition, and activities being mediated through vision. And visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text. That’s not a trifle.

To prove our point, you may be better off watching this short video explainer before you read any further.

Hope you liked it. Video works for this kind of thing, but we weren’t trying to explain anything dull or complicated with it. In a case like that, is video still the right way to go? Absolutely, but not any kind of video. What you need in cases like these is animation.

Why animation rules the roost when it comes to video explainers?

Think of when you hear the word “animation” is probably your childhood cartoons. This might explain why animation may not be your go-to corporate video style that, you think, needs to be serious, grown-up stuff because it’s about grown-up topics. Truth is, this is exactly why you should choose animation.

Take a look at this animated video about the evolution of Tesla. Produced in 2020, this compelling explainer has reached over 3,5 million views.

Studies show that people are more prone to watching an animated video than one with real people. Why? Because it immediately reminds them of entertainment, of stories compelling to watch, and of information easy to digest. Animated videos are ideal when trying to elaborate on topics related to technology, finance, health or security protocols, which may result in tedious, unwieldy videos to watch otherwise.

Here are five big companies that regularly use animation to communicate with their audience. Click the links below to watch a sample of each animation. And, before you continue reading, try to guess what these animations have in common and why they are so effective.

1. Google

2. Lyft



5. Amazon

Here are five reasons why animation was the right pick of style for these explainers:

1. Entertaining to watch and easy to digest

As explained above, your brain instantly relaxes and looks forward to watching cartoons. That state of mind endures, even faced with the prospect of watching factual, “serious” stuff for grown-ups. Animation reminds us of easier and fun times. The child is gone, but the magic lives on in our minds.

2. Generic and universal

No, I’m not talking about Universal Studios, but actually about race and culture. In animated videos, you can paint your characters in any non-human color, such as in the lyft animation example above, where the characters are all pink – which is, cleverly enough, the company’s branding colors. You can also create any non-human character you want, like in the google doodles. This avoids having to get into why you did, or didn’t, include enough people in certain geographical or gender groups.

Take this animation we produced for the World Heart Federation. Keeping in line with the cardiovascular topic, SmartCuts Creative, created this animated explainer with a line that begins and ends as it would on an electrocardiogram. The video aims to raise awareness on the importance of flu vaccines in cardiovascular disease prevention. Heart disease being a topic that affects everyone, no matter the race or country, animation with generic characters was the ideal style to adopt.

Corporate animation for the World Heart Federation by SmartCuts Creative.

3. Unexpected

Most of the time, when we think of an explainer corporate video, we’re going to think of a real person performing a procedure or trying to convince you of pursuing a specific core of action. Even though this is perfectly effective if the storyline is compelling enough, another thought often crosses our minds: “Not another one of those!” We already watch plenty of persuasive videos on television commercials and YouTube, so our brain is cued to thinking it’s about to be subjected to yet another ad. When animation suddenly appears, however, we’re smacked with relief : “Aha, this is going to be different. Let’s give it a whirl.” And boom! That’s what you need. The first five seconds of a video are decisive, and if you have retained your audience for that long, then you’ll have a better chance of keeping them glued to the video.

Corporate explainer animation for Nespresso, produced by SmartCuts Creative.

4. Boundless options to explain one thing

You can build anything merely by using your imagination. Or better yet, leave that to the animation producers. You only have to worry about explaining the message you want to get across. Animators will pitch their ideas and will create the best world for your explainer video.

Explainer video in animation for UPR-INFO, produced by SmartCuts Creative.

5. Post-production is easier

If you change your mind mid-way and want your characters to move differently or change the script of your story, this is much simpler to do in animation than to reshoot a scene - not to mention cheaper. When using real presenters or actors, ideally, the script dress code, etc, should be fully approved before the shoot. Otherwise, you may get into serious financial pain. You may also incur extra costs by revisiting the storyboard in an animation project, but on a far smaller scale. With animation, modifications will hopefully come at a click of a few buttons rather than a full re-run.

Animated explainer video for ICMC, produced by SmartCuts Creative

At SmartCuts, we often advise video shoots with real actors and presenters – in many cases, they are preferable to boost engagement – but we always bear in mind the animation option. As mentioned before, the deciding factor often revolves around trying to explain technical things (such as software or website explainers) or trying to walk the fine line of political correctness and inclusiveness.

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