• Lucas Chambers - Director

Animation on Human Rights and Migration

How do you explain the problems of migration, refugees and human rights in a minute and in a way that’s accessible to all?

You do it with animation.

At SmartCuts we often say that animation speaks to the adult through the child. What’s that supposed to mean, you ask? It means that as soon as we see animation, our minds kick up all sorts of associations and memories linked to our childhood, when the world was simple, colorful and Playmobile or Lego was the hero of the day. Animated settings and figures throw us back to a time when life was much more carefree, and, importantly, to a time when we were far more open to a lot of things, less partial, less jaded. In other words, to a time when we were much more receptive and hopeful.

This instantly predisposes us to pay attention, to tune in because, as we did as children, we anticipate something interesting to arise, something entertaining, new, exciting. That’s the cartoon trigger. It's inherently positive, and once pulled, it pulls in the adult mind, that then more readily pays attention to the content delivered, even if that content is anything but childlike.

The International Catholic Migration Commission has been a client of SmartCuts’ for years now. When they approached us to do an animated series on their various activities in migration and helping refugees, we gladly jumped in with both feet. They provided solid, very tight scripts and we worked well together to create compelling little cartoons that get to the point, but also attempt to convey feeling, empathy on a subject that everyone should be concerned about.

We’re glad and proud to present this series now, of which this is the first installment. We will post one a week for the next month, in the build up to Christmas, which we hope will bring donations and commitment to help those who are out in the cold, whether Christmas means anything to them or not.

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