• Lucas Chambers - Director

Animated videos showcase your mission

The World Heart Federation needed a showcase video, to capture the essence of its mission and purpose. Head of Communications there, Borjana Pervan, has been a faithful client of SmartCuts over the years. She asked us to bring her something outside the box, something fresh and classy. Having already collaborated with the NGO on various other video production projects, we won the bid based on a proposal for animation unlike what you typically see for this sort of animated video, namely motion graphics. Here we use hand-drawn animation and, rather than imitate the hyped up, high energy "Look at us! Look at us!" approach so prevalent nowadays, we plumped for something classier, more demure and more mature. Instead of a dynamic, punchy, fast-paced showcase video to grab attention., this animation captivates precisely because it is different. The mood is reflective, the pacing allows the viewer to be moved,rather than merely excited. That, combined with the more artistic, pure style, makes WHF's showcase shine. Contact lucas@smartcuts.ch for a free quote if you need animation that stands out.