• Lucas Chambers - Director

An Animated Explainer for a Brighter Future

An animation to explain how we could transition to a better world, in a nutshell, that’s the challenge EPFL’s Industry & Innovation Department laid in our laps. We took it and ran!

The idea was to show that, today, the masses of data gathered goes mostly to enabling large, private corporations to stay ahead of the game. Instead, we should be using it to create an intelligent, integrated society in which objects speak to each other to facilitate and generally improve our lives. Artificial intelligence is at the core of this, and EPFL feels it has the competence and technology to provide it: a virtual brain, so to speak, that would gather the zillions of data packets, analyze them and send out orders to fridges, transport vehicles and traffic lights to coordinate so that everything runs as efficiently and intelligently as possible. Sound utopic?

Perhaps, but what an awesome idea! We’re fully behind it and were more than happy to help promote if with this animated explainer. The challenge was to simplify an extremely complex concept into a compelling and clear message, for decision-makers and the general public. We spent a lot of time in pre-production, refining the script, finessing the storyboard. And then there was the big job of coming up with great 3D animation, mixing it with video and all at a reasonable price to come up with a professional animation that would really drive home the message.

We finally made it and reviews have been great. The animation is having an impact and helping EPFL’s Industry & Innovation Department push its project forward. Smart Cuts Video & Animation is all about this: helping its customers promote their ideas, products and services through video and animation. If you need a hand using the medium to rule them all for your communication and marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out. www.smartcuts.ch

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