• Pablo Peña

7 links to beef up your video production skills in 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The following is a list of 7 excellent articles that relate to video production. Some of them explain the importance of the different phases of production. Others show the ways to get the most optimal results from your efforts. One gives you the meaning of the most common technical jargon.

Best Filmmaking Software and Tools

This website by Studio Binder gives an excellent introduction to the best tools for the different stages of video production. The authors explain how the tools help them be more creative and successful.

Pre-production tips

Excellent tips from Single Grain to create video content in 2021.

Create a simple video in minutes

This free online tool from Adobe helps you create some simple videos.

Video Plan: The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Video Pre-Production

Planning is the key to succeed. Before heading to the greenscreen video studio and start shooting this step comes first. Check this TechSmith website for help on planning your next video.

Online courses

Lynda.com offers some good courses and tutorials. Here is the link for their courses on video production

Essential Pre-Production knowledge

An excellent article by Video Maker on the importance of pre-planning your video.

Glossary of video production terms

Find the meaning of basic video related terms. Check Nemorin’s Ultimate Glossary of Video Terms.

If you have your own favorite website that you refer to often please share it with us. We could include it in a future list.