• Lucas Chambers - Director

LinkedIn Launches Live Video

As many of you may well know, a couple of months ago, LinkedIn finally joined the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and many other services that offer live video streaming feature sets. Good news for those who've been waiting to exploit LinkedIn's B2B marketing capacity with something more than text and photos.

LinkedIn Live is designed for basic broadcasts from mobile or desktop devices. LinkedIn recommends streaming “light production” events like Q&As, conferences, earnings calls, awards ceremonies, product announcements, etc.

LinkedIn Live is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Media Services which includes a fully baked online video platform that includes video encoding, delivery and a video player. LinkedIn Live was built with open APIs enabling 3rd party products and platforms in the video ecosystem to build connectors or add-ons. So far the ‘official’ 3rd party platforms that have integrated with LinkedIn Live are:

  1. Wirecast

  2. Switcher Studio

  3. Wowza

  4. Socialive

  5. Brandlive

To learn more about LinkedIn Live log into your LinkedIn account. You can also get in touch with us, of course, for video consulting and production services.

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