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16 tips to make video ads that Sell

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Sixteen tips to make your advertising video sell in 2021

Have you ever invested in an advertising video that lead to few or no sales? Frustrating, isn't it? Hell no! Damn right disastrous.

Here are 16 tips you can use make sure that never, ever happens again.

These tips can help you make videos that sell your product or service. The person who came up with these was a genius who knew what he was talking about.

If you’re an advertising professional, you probably know who this is. Send me a message if you know his name.

These tips have been adapted a bit to fit the 2021 context, but they are time-tested, proved to deliver, over and over again.

They have proven totally successful at selling with video.

1. Brand identification. A very high percentage of viewers will remember your ad but they will forget the name of your product. Something that happens very often is that they will attribute your ad to a competitor.

Two ways to help viewers remember your brand name:

* Use the name within the first ten seconds. * Play games with the name.

When you advertise a new product, you have to show people its name on the screen.

2. Show the package. Ads that show the product's package at the end are more effective in creating the desire for your brand than video ads that don’t.

3. Food in motion. In video for food, the more appetizing you make it look, the more you sell. Food in motion looks particularly appetizing. Show that delicious sauce being poured over your steak, or some honey over your pancakes.

4. Close-ups. It is a good thing to show close-ups when your product is the hero of your video. The closer you get on that chocolate bar, the more you make people’s mouths water.

5. Show the fire. If you use your video ad on TV you only have 30 seconds. You will have better chances of getting the viewers attention if you use the right image right from the start. People ignore a lot of ads because they start with something dull. You know you are going to show great things in your ad, but the viewer doesn’t. They will never know if they leave the room.

When you advertise fire extinguishers, start your ad showing the fire.

6. When you have nothing to say, sing it. There have been some successful ads-which sang the sales pitch, but jingles are below average in creating desire for a brand. Never use a jingle that has not been previously tested on people who do not know the script. If they cannot understand the words, don’t use your jingle on the video. If you went into a store and asked a salesman to show you a car, how would you react if he started singing at you? Many people use music as background – to quickly create an emotional reaction in the viewer. Research showed that this is neither good or bad. Its effect cannot be measured. Do great public speakers allow musicians to play background music when they are giving their speech? Do professional salesmen play background music during their pitch to prospective clients?

7. Sound effects. While music does not add to the selling power of video ads, sound effects – such a steak sizzling in a frying-pan - can make a positive difference. Some advertisers have built ads around the sound of food being cooked or eaten as for example crispy chips or drinks served on a glass. Some of these ads worked so well they were used for many years.

8. Voice-over or on-camera? Research shows that it is more difficult to hold your audience if you use voice-over. It is better to have the people in the video talk on camera. A manufacturer made two ads, identical in every respect except that one used voice-over and the other used on-camera voice. When he tested them, the voice-on-camera version sold more of his product.

9. Superimposed texts. you will be rewarded if you reinforce your promise by using text and superimposing it over the video, while your sound track says the words. Check that the words in your superimposed texts are exactly the same as your spoken words. Any difference will confuse the viewer. Many people in agencies refuse the use of superimposed text. If you tell them that they boost sales, a proven fact, their reaction is to ignore you.

10. Avoid uninteresting images. If you want the viewer to pay attention to your advertising video, show her something she has never seen before. You won’t have much success if you show her ordinary boring images. The average European consumption of TV is 220 minutes per day, and is exposed to 5,000 ads per day. This does not include what the average person is exposed to through mobile media and video streaming services. Video consumption in general is going up. Though the share corresponding to TV is declining online media video is on the rise. With all these ads most of them will be quickly forgotten. For this reason you should give your ads a unique touch, a visual hook that will stick in the viewer’s mind. Look for inspiration in ads that had a hook that remained in your mind long after you saw it.

11. Changes of scene. Some advertisers can show a lot of scenes without confusing people, but most advertisers can’t. Advertising videos full of short scenes are below average at creating desire for your brand.

12. Mnemonics. This is a visual device repeated over a long period. It can increase brand identification, and help viewers remember your promise. Example: the trucks driving backwards in Jean Claude Van Damme’s split in the Volvo trucks ad.

13. Show the product in use. It is a very good idea to show the product being used, and, if possible, the end-result of using it. Show how your vacuum cleaner keeps the carpets clean. In an ad for motor oil, show how the pistons look after 80,000 kilometers.

14. Everything is possible on video. Video production professionals can produce anything you want. You are limited only by your imagination.

15. Not understanding. A long time ago studies were done on how viewers were not understanding typical TV ads. One study found all of the ads were misunderstood, by as many as 40 per cent of viewers, none by fewer than 19 per cent. If you want viewers to understand ads, make ads that are crystal clear.

16. The great scandal. The cost to produce an ad is often very high.

There are many ways to reduce the cost of an ad. If an advertising agency tells you that to shoot your ad you have to go to Hawaii it could equally be shot in a studio for half the price.You do not need to compose original music for the background. Avoid expensive celebrities when an unknown person would sell more of your product.

That's it. Hopefully these tips can help spark your imagination. And that may be what you need to come with the right idea to use for your next video ad in 2021.

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