Medical, biotech and pharmaceutical video production requires a special set of skills and experience

Smart Cuts has been working with various hospitals, clinics and biotech firms in Switzerland and around Europe since 2016. We are now a primary provider for the Medical Education Department at the multinational medical company Medtronic. We have a team specially trained to produce medical, pharamaceutical and healthcare videos, both in the corporate, promotional style for medical facilities and healthcare professionals, as well as in the sense of specialized video, for example in operating rooms. This enables you to provide training to medical staff, showcase procedures and techniques and offer online educational videos or online medical seminars.

Equipped with sleek, clean, specialized equipment to avoid contamination or clutter in the OR, our medical video team is familiar with operating room protocols and has gone as far as to shoot live, open-heart surgery at Lausanne’s University Hospital CHUV (read the surgeon’s review). Smart Cuts also does a lot of animation for the healthcare, biotech and pharma sectors.

Matthias Kirsch

I mandated Smart Cuts to film the open-heart surgery I was conducting so that it could be screened for surgeons who had come from around the world to watch. There was little time to prepare and the shoot posed significant technical challenges. I am grateful to Smart Cuts for their excellent work and I highly recommend this company that seemed very efficient and professional.


Prof. Matthias Kirsch

Surgeon, Deputy Doctor in Chief, Cardiac Surgery Dept. CHUV

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Emilia Kouroussis

We needed a medical animated explainer and contracted SmartCuts Video & Animation. They did great work: original, creative, clear and professional. Exactly what we needed. Excellent work, we highly recommend them!


Dr. Emilia Kouroussis

Associate Director, SynDermix

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Surgery close shot