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Smart Cust is a creative communications agency specialized in video production and animation. Video marketing, social media video, events coverage, live web streaming, and lots more – we provide a full, end-to-end audiovisual service. Why work with us?


Well, in a nutshell because we have experience, so we get it right, but here’s the breakdown:

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We have been in business since 2009 and count among our regular clients several UN agencies, National Geographic, BBC, Nespresso, Medtronic, CERN, CHUV, EPFL and more. For samples, visit our homepage.


We have developed a business model that limits overhead, translating into savings for you. We apply a regressive rate scheme, and we are among the only video production companies to publish our rates online at

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Our team is  dynamic, motivated and keeps attracting new talent all the time. When we come up with a concept, everyone pitches in. The ideas coming in are as fresh as they are surprising and often far-reaching. We get it: the idea is everything, and we don’t stop until we find the right one.

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The idea isn’t quite everything. To bear fruit, it must be nurtured and developed professionally.  We guarantee top quality service, on site or in our studio, using professional equipment. During a mandate we emphasize communication and reliability, to make sure you are informed and fully satisfied. Top quality and nothing less is our commitment to you. Our work is a cut above!

If all this has piqued your curiosity, great. You’ll find a selection of our best productions here.


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