Why does your campany need video?

The list is long, and research shows that each item on that list just keeps getting more and more important: top of the funnel videos to showcase your brand, company or organization for B2C; product and service demos for B2B; training and internal communications videos for B2E; customer testimonials; event highlights, so on and so forth.


Corporate video is no longer just good to have. It’s essential to your success. At Smart Cuts, we have more experience in corporate video and animation than in any other type of video production. We have over 100 projects successfully completed and plenty of reference letters to show we got it right. When we work on your project, it becomes our project too, and we take pride in making sure it ends up a cut above.

I mandated Smart Cuts to produce a promotional B2B video on breakthrough solar materials. They proved competent, professional, easy to work with, and I was very pleased with the final result.

Fiona Paul Pinter

Global Marketing Communications Leader

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