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Video interview recording

"Smart Cuts shot and edited a series of interviews for us, including some high-profile speakers at the Geneva University Hospital and UNAIDS headquarters. We were very pleased with the service we got: fast, flexible, friendly and professional. We particularly appreciated having someone with broadcast TV journalism experience to coach our speakers and provide some editorial input on the scripts. We were also happy with the fast turnaround Smart Cuts delivered in post-production."

Dr. Siliva Bertagnolio

Medical Officer

Smart Cuts client 1
« Fast, flexible, friendly and professional. »

"Their online storyboarding system made communication effective in the pre-production phase and their video draft feedback tool made giving feedback at the end clear and easy. The attitude at Smart Cuts was friendly, professional and adaptable, so it is without any hesitation that I would recommend this company."

Boualem Belbachir

Deputy Head of Digital Com. Unit

Smart Cuts client 4
« The high level motion graphics and multiple languages were well handled. »

“They have added variety and a dynamic feel to the interviews they have shot; they have competently managed productions in which retakes were not an option; their editing skills are impressive and we are also very pleased with the quality of the animated elements they have been asked to add to some of our videos. All around Smart Cuts is a company we have confidence in.”

Jacquelyn Campo

Corporate Communications Manager

Smart Cuts client 2
« All around Smart Cuts is a company we have confidence in. »

"Our collaboration has been made more successful by the counsel and creativity they provide when it comes to video marketing and video asset management strategy. They demonstrate that they are well informed and connected in this aspect of video production."

Funke Staeuble

Training & Education Director

Smart Cuts client 5
« We recommend their services within this field of video consulting or production. »

"Smart Cuts director and producer Lucas Chambers, along with sound recordist Marc Jordan, delivered more than I could have hoped for. Beyond professional service, I got efficiency, resourcefulness, and good advice during the two days of production in Switzerland. This team clearly knew what they were doing and they did it well and with good humor under sometimes quite challenging circumstances."

Mike Olcott

Senior Producer

Smart Cuts client 3
« More than I could
have hoped for. »

"I mandated Smart Cuts to film open heart surgery. This was live coverage, projected on a big screen in one of the hospital’s auditoriums. I was fully satisfied with the service I got. I am grateful to Smart Cuts for their excellent work and I highly recommend this company that seemed very efficient and professional."

Matthias Kirsch

Deputy Head of Cardiac Surgery

Smart Cuts clien 6
« I highly recommend this company that seemed very efficient and professional. »