What began as a one-man band in 2008 has turned into a steadily growing team of skilled video producers, videographers, photographers, animators, graphic designers and of course the important people who keep us in business. Smart Cuts is now a respected and well-established creative production agency in Switzerland. With over 100 satisfied customers and nearly 1,000 productions under our belt, we have the sort of bullet-proof experience and steady professionalism that delivers outstanding results at an optimal price with minimal pain.

Lucas Chambers director

Lucas Chambers

Founder and director

Previously a video-journalist for the Canadian and Swiss Broadcasting Corporations, Lucas has the technical, editorial and managerial skills needed to run the Smart Cuts ship. Full of ideas and a born communicator, he makes sure great work gets done in a great way.

Elma Okic producer

Elma Okic

Producer and photographer

Elma is on the ball. With a producer like her on the case, nothing slips through the cracks. It’s all nailed down, analyzed, optimized, and you’re the first one to be informed. She has over 10 years of experience in audiovisual project management and concept development. She’s the one who handles most animation projects

Philippe Krauer photographer

Philippe Krauer

Producer and photographer

Philippe is one of those guys you just need in your life. You’ve got a problem; he’s got the solution, and if he doesn’t, he will soon. A tireless self-improver, he’s got 35 years of experience in photography and lighting. Needless to say his conversion to video is a done deal.  He’s the one who makes your videos pop.

Paul Perret-Gentil multimedia

Paul Perret-Gentil

Videographer and Motion Designer

A gifted animator and special effects man, Paul is a busy bee. He has a finger in just about every pie because every pie needs a bit of infographic, name bumper and all manner of animation and visual wizardry. At the same time, Paul is no rookie with a camera or shotgun mic hanging from a boom. In short, we’d be lost without him.

Jean Chessex art director

Jean Chessex

Artistic Director

Jean is prized in the company for his artistic soul and his keen eye for composition. When he falls in love with a project, we just can't hold him back. He trained at Lausanne’s acclaimed École Cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL), and he’s our best man behind the camera, the man who makes sure that your image and sound quality is second to none.

Marc Jordan manager editor

Marc Jordan

Project manager and editor

Yes, yes, they do exist. Technicians are a rare and precious breed, but we did finally catch one prowling the halls of the École Romande d'Art et Communication (ERACOM) in Lausanne. What they do is a bit of a mystery, but then so is what makes good art, and that’s what Marc is all about.