At Smart Cuts Video & Animation we have put a new twist on the old adage about wine, not to suggest that whatever you see on video is true - obviously not - but to emphasize the importance video has attained in communications and marketing today. The truth is, you need video to make an impact, and you need it to be good. So what can we help you with? Take your pick:


Good video means perfect lighting and audio, smooth camera motion, great shots and great cuts that say a million words in a few seconds. Yes, that goes without saying. But it means much more than that. It also means a creative and original concept from the get-go. It means a well-organized, well-researched, well-managed production. It means a professional crew, a local and international network and knowledge of venues and shoot locations. It means knowing what to do when the unexpected happens, how to deliver on deadline, how to listen, act and inspire. And all this depends above all else on one thing: experience.

At Smart Cuts we have over ten years of it, and several hundred productions to be proud of. Video marketing, corporate video production, live event video, documentaries, interviews, animated explainers, video storytelling? You name it, we've done it. We've even shot live, open-heart surgery. Whether you need to showcase a project, a campaign or your whole organization; whether you need an ad, social network video, event coverage or drone footage, we get it done and we get it right.


Have a look around. If you want proof of professionalism, please check out our many client reviews. If you want to watch samples, please see above or take a look at the particular type of service you're after in one of our three main categories. If you just want a quote fast, please do take the time to fill in one of our time-tested request forms, or just get in touch and let's roll.



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